Capacity Struck Level
425 cu ft
12.0 cu m
Capacity With 8" Extension
500 cu ft
14.2 cu m
Capacity With 12" Extension
525 cu ft
14.9 cu m
Capacity With 16" Extension
555 cu ft
15.7 cu m
Empty Weight
7500 lbs
3400 kg
Height Struck Level
108 in
2.74 m
Overall Length
212 in
5.4 m
96-1/2 in
2.54 m
Drum Width
540 RPM
PTO Speed
Minimum HP
70 HP
Auger Speed
41 RPM
Auger Flighting
5/8 in
16 mm
Tungsten Carbide Coated Knives
Discharge Height
31 in
0.79 m
Conveyor Width
36 in
0.91 m
Door Opening
42 in
1.07 m
Floor Thickness
5/8 in
16 mm
Drum Wall
1/4 in
6 mm
Wheel Assembly
15.0/55-17 (2)
Single Straight Axle
Scale System
Three point weight system with standard WeighTronix® 640 indicator.
Truck Installation Available†
JAY•LOR® installation or by authorized installer.
Can be fitted on new or used chassis. See Truck
Fastest cut, best cut, best mix, best
quality fiber retention during the mix!
Maximizes rumen function.
Patented Square Cut Auger
Ensures Bale Processing and no bales Patented Sloped Top
‘hanging up’!
Heavy Duty Planetary Gearbox
Many years of worry free mixing and
feeding and comes with the JAY•LOR
- 5 year prorated warranty!
Durability in adverse conditions without Heavy Duty Axles, Hubs and Spindles
problems and with a 1 year Warranty.
Rapid-Discharge Door
Even and consistent feed out so that
each cow gets the right amount of feed
in front of her.
Consistent sharp cutting edge provides Tungsten Carbide Coated Knives -self
the best effective fiber by cutting the
hay rather then slashing hay. Sharp
knives cut the hay cleanly and thereby
producing more ‘effective fiber’!
Mix Viewing Window (Patented)
Safety -no one needs to be climbing
on the mixer. Provides the opportunity
for a constant and quick evaluation of
feed processing, mix and cut length.
Weigh-Tronix 3 Point Weigh System (640
Accurate and dependable in all
weather conditions and comes with a 4 Model)
Year Warranty.
Quick analysis of oil condition and
level so that constant lubrication can
be ensured.
Easy View Oil Reservoir
Adjustable Trailer Hitch
Adjusts to tractor height to maintain
level mixing. A level mix is essential for
proper feed mix flow and movement.
Quality welds and a quality build for
years of durability and service.
Welded Mixing Chamber
For protection of gearbox and tractor
Shear Bolt Protection
Document Holder
Convenient for maintenance records
and a convenient place for ration
sheets. Documents protected from the
elements including moisture.
Controls and manages the cut! 4
positions to achieve a faster cut for
high hay rations.
Two Restrictor Blades
Viewing Stand
Removed for safety concerns.
Patented mix viewing window installed
at the bottom of the tub where the mix
can be easily assayed.
Conveyor Options
Several options to suit every
application. This includes a flat dual for
floor feeding or a conveyor with a ‘Flipup' for bunk feeding.
Heavy Duty, Fast and built to provide
years of trouble free conveyor lifts.
Pivot Lift for Conveyor Extensions
Suited to fit any application. Wide door Front Door with Left, Right or Dual Conveyor
for easy and fast emptying of the tub
Additional Rear Door
For pre-cutting large bales so exact
weight of ingredients are possible and
for pre-mixing ingredients to make
mixing times more manageable.
Catches stray ‘hardware' and prevents Discharge Magnet
related illnesses!
Allows movement for tight turning
Constant Velocity (CV) PTO
For road safety -your equipment is
easily seen when on the road.
Road Light Assembly
Positioned for best safety. On the
conveyor but away from the tub rim.
You can see but not fall in.
For long distance feed delivery.
6ft Conveyor Extensions
Many Upgrades in displays, options,
data transfer, etc
Scale Upgrades Available
2 Speed Transmissions
Application solutions! Where
horsepower is a bit shy or for startup
with a full mixer when feed is left in the
tub for an extended time.
Best in the Industry!
5 Year Pro-Rated Gearbox
Best in the Industry!
4 Year Scale System
See Warranty Registration Forms for
1 Year Balance of Mixer
Best in the Industry!
1 Year Axle and Hubs
†Empty weight does not include chassis. Model height may vary due to tire size and chassis. Contact your local dealer or JAY•LOR
for more information. ††Terms and conditions available in warranty documentation.