The FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship is spread through a diverse range of
countries, climates, cultures and a huge population base of over 2.5 billion people.
In 2016 six events make-up the championship starting in New Zealand with the
fast and smooth roads at Rally of Whangarei, followed by Australia’s Rally
Queensland based on the Sunshine Coast.
The APRC then heads to China and a new venue for 2016 - Zhangye, West China
and near the Mongolian border. Japan is next and the fast forestry and public roads of Rally Hokkaido, followed by the very hot and humid Malaysian Rally
based in Johor Bahru.
2016 Calendar
29 April - 01 May
New Zealand
Pacific Cup
Junior Cup
17 - 19 June
Pacific Cup
Junior Cup
05 - 07 August
Asia Cup
23 - 25 September
Asia Cup
Junior Cup
28 - 30 October
Asia Cup
Junior Cup
09 - 11 December
Asia Cup
The final event will be the India Rally, held mainly on coffee plantations in
Chikmagalur and run as a Asia Cup event in 2015, joining the APRC with full
status in 2016.
Registered competitors are required to nominate a minimum of 6 rallies (for APRC)
at the time of registration, and thus score points at those rallies.
More information at or contact APRC Coordinator Murray Brown.
“It’s been absolutely fantastic, so happy I could do this championship a lot of
good experience and good memories …. its memory for life”.
Pontus Tidemand (Sweden) 2015 APRC Champion
Photo: Mitsuru Kotake
New Zealand
Date: 29 April - 01 May 2016
Location: Whangarei
Population: 4 . 4 million
Nearest International Airport: Auckland 2.5 hours
Average temperature: 12-15 degrees C
Description: The ultimate driver’s rally. Smooth, fast
cambered roads previously used by the WRC.
Photos: Geoff Ridder
Date: 17 - 19 June 2016
Location: Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Population: 22 5 million
Nearest International Airport: Brisbane 1.5 hours
Average temperature: 17 degrees C
Description: Great location and challenging roads
on Queensland’s, Sunshine Coast .
Photos: Geoff Ridder
Date: 5 - 7 August 2016
Location: Zhangye, West China
Population: 1 . 4 billion
Nearest International Airports: Shanghai, Xian
Average temperature: 14c - 28c (August)
Description: In one of world’s largest economies rallying is
huge, with 120+ entries in their CRC events and teams of
up to ten cars!
Photo: Prodrive
Date: 23 - 25 September 2016
Location: Obihiro, Hokkaido
Population: 127 million
Nearest International Airport: Sapporo
Average temperature: 15 degrees C
Description: Fanatical fans on fast and narrow
roads with a soft-base that can to turns to deep
ruts on the second pass.
Photo: Asia Pacific Sports Media
Kuala Lumpur
Johor Bahru
Date: 28 - 30 October 2016
Location: Johor Bahru
Population: 28 million
Nearest International Airport: Singapore 1.5 hours
Kuala Lumpur International Airport: 4 hours
Average temp: 30 degrees C and 95% humidity
Description: The heat and humidity make this event one
of the most challenging of the championship. Great
location just across the course-way from Singapore.
Photo: Tan Jie
New Delhi
Date: 9 - 11 December 2016
Location: Chikmagalur
In the foothills of the World famous Western Ghats.
Coordinates: 13.32°N 75.77°E
Population: 1.2 billion
Nearest Intl Airport: Bengaluru (Bangalore), about 250
Kms away, Mangaluru, about 140 Kms away.
Average temperature: 30c degrees.
Description: Gravel and dirt roads held on a huge
coffee plantation with the colours and cuisine of
Photo: Anand Philar
Competitor Information
FIA APRC Production Cup
Open to all FIA homologated Group N cars. These are cars based on standard
production models as homologated by the FIA. This series provides for competitors who
wish to continue to run their existing Gp N cars and compete with similar cars for the
FIA Rally Production Cup. It is a FIA sanctioned Cup series aimed at competitors
without the need to invest in the more competitive purpose built class cars. The FIA
APRC Production Cup will be contested over the 6 events of APRC.
FIA APRC Asia and Pacific Cups
The Asia and Pacific Cups are separate competitions within the APRC that allows
teams/drivers to compete at events in either region – and still enjoy the benefits the
APRC offers such as coordinated shipping, advanced start order and extensive media
coverage. For Pacific Cup, competitors are required to nominate and compete in the
2 Pacific rallies. Asia Cup will feature 4 events - teams can nominate 3 or 4 rallies,
competing in a minimum of 3 and the best 3 results will count to the final standings. It is
possible to register for the APRC and one of the Cups.
FIA APRC Junior Cup
The Junior Cup provides an opportunity for young drivers from anywhere in the world to
compete in a shorter series of FIA sanctioned events in either 2WD or 4WD cars
(excluding ASN, R5 and S2000) - the ideal class being NR4 . Junior Cup competitors
compete in four FIA APRC rallies: New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and Japan.
Minimum qualification is one rally in the Pacific and one in the Asia region.
APRC Teams Trophy
The Teams Trophy has provided an opportunity for teams to contest an APRC regional
trophy alongside the overall APRC championship. Details can be found in 2015 FIA
Regulations (APRC) or by contacting APRC Coordinator Murray Brown.
FIA Asia Pacific Rally Cup powered by Würth.
This is a competition open to ALL drivers in the international event (including non-registered APRC drivers and co-drivers) and there is a podium presentation for the top-three
drivers in the international event where a Wurth cheque for US$1000 is presented to
the overall winner, plus Würth product prizes to 2nd and 3rd overall.
All details and eligibility requirements can be found in the 2016 FIA Regulations
(APRC) or by contacting APRC Coordinator Murray Brown.
Photo: Asia Pacific Sports Media
Coordinated Logistics
Even though the championship is held over such a large geographic area, the logistics
of shipping cars and equipment are surprisingly easy when all shipping is handled by
APRC coordinator Murray Brown – who performs a dual role as logistics coordinator
and competitor liaison representative at all events and Working Group meetings. Coordinated shipping means that all containers arrive and depart at the same time – with
considerable savings for all teams.
Based on 2015 costs, the average shipping budget for a team utilizing a 40’ SOC
container for the whole championship (six events) is US$52,000 for ocean freight,
domestic transport and logistics. Assistance and advice will be given on other aspects
including air freight, customs clearance, documentation, insurance and local assistance.
Shipping from home port to first event, and return to home port after last event, can
easily be arranged.
Teams can consider a 2 car team operating from one 40’ HC container to potentially
reduce freight costs significantly. Where possible all containers and equipment are
handled as one import and export providing a cost effective, efficient logistics solution.
Photo: Mitsuru Kotake
Eligibility of Cars
The World Motor Sport Council allows the APRC to approve cars from countries within
the region to participate and score points in the FIA Asia-Pacific Rally Championship.
Examples are Chinese, Malaysian and Australian Rally Championship cars, with some
restrictions such as 34mm turbo restrictors.
This is in addition to cars that comply with the JAF RJ, CAMS & MSNZ AP4 regulations and maxi cars already locally homologated in Argentina. With the growing manufacturer and consumer interest in alternative fuel cars, the APRC is considering a
category to cater for this class in the near future.
More Information:
Murray Brown, APRC Coordinator:
APRC Secretariat:
S2000-Rally: 1.6T engine with a 28mm restrictor
S2000-Rally: 2.0 Atmospheric Group R5 (VR5)
Group R4 (VR4)
Group NR4 over 2000cc (current N4)
AP4 (MSNZ & CAMS regulations – including Argentine
Maxi car)
RJ Category (JAF regulations) – over 2000cc
RGT cars
Group A over 1600cc and up to 2000cc Super 1600
R2 (over 1600cc and up to 2000cc – VR2C)
R3 (atmo / over 1600cc and up to 2000cc – VR3C) R3
(turbo / up to 1620cc / nominal – VR3T)
R3 (diesel / up to 2000cc / nominal – VR3D) G2
(CAMS regulations)
Group A up to 1600cc
R2 (over 1390cc and up to 1600cc – VR2B) Kit-car up
to 1600cc
Group N over 1600cc and up to 2000cc
RJ Category (JAF regulations) – over 1600cc and up
to 2000cc
Group N up to 1600cc
R1 (up to 1600cc –VR1A/VR1B)
RJ Category (JAF regulations) – up to 1600cc
Photo: Asia Pacific Sports Media
Television and Media
Each event in the Asia Pacific Rally Championship receives extensive international television and media coverage.
On-Event television news feeds and a dedicated TV series distributed worldwide ensures
the APRC is seen by TV viewers in over 118 countries with a measured global annual audience of 463 million households. Broadcasters include FOX Sports Asia (STAR Sports
in China), TEN Sports India Outdoor Channel Asia, Guangdong TV China, CCTV-5 China, FoxSports Australia and Motors-TV Europe.
APRC social media channels include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.
Repucom International produce an annual and independent TV Exposure Analysis
report, copies available on request. On-Line media includesYoutube, Twitter, Facebook
and dedicated websites.
Further details are available at
New Zealand
Photo: Asia Pacific Sports Media
Würth – APRC Partnership
Würth: Industry
Products Founded
Global headquarters in Germany
Fasteners, chemicals, safety products, tools
Künzelsau, Germany
€ 10.126 bn.
66,044 (2014)
2015 was the third year of a multi-year partnership between the APRC and Würth, a
global company headquartered in Germany selling over 120,000 products from tools to
chemicals. Würth are to continue in 2016, including support and promotion of the FIA
Asia Pacific Rally Cup powered by Würth – a competition open to ALL drivers in the
international events, with US$1000 per event 1st prize and Würth products for 2nd
and 3rd.
Lindsay Hegan, Racetorque MRF Skoda team:
“We always buy the best products available that won’t let us down, so when Würth
became a championship sponsor we couldn’t have been happier. Rallying is a great test
bed for any product and over the past three years its developed into a real partnership
- Würth staff attend each event to provide technical advice, while at the same time they
are coming to us for feedback on their products”.
Michael Loefflad of the Würth Asia Pacific Strategy Board:
“The growing interest and increasing number of teams participating in the FIA APRC
year by year shows the success of this championship and underlines the importance
of our sponsoring activity. Team spirit, willingness to perform and to give one’s best
are important factors in Rally. Such values determine also the corporate culture of the
Würth group”.
FIA APRC President Steven Kennedy:
“The organisers and the teams have enjoyed a very good working relation with Würth
over the past three years and to know that’s going to continue with a long term agreement is fantastic news for everyone, as we plan for the future”.
Photo: Mitsura
Mitsuru Kotake
Hitoshi Takayama (Japan)
Hideki Takeyabu (Japan)
FIA Asia Cup for Drivers and Co-drivers
Pontus Tidemand and Emil Axelsson (Sweden)
FIA Asia-Pacific Rally Championship for Drivers and Co-drivers
FIA Asia-Pacific Rally Cup powered by WÜRTH
FIA Pacific Cup for Drivers and Co-drivers
FIA Asia-Pacific Rally Cup for Manufacturers Skoda
Photo: Mitsuru Kotake
Michael Young (New Zealand
Malcolm Read (New Zealand)
FIA Asia-Pacific Production Cup
for Drivers and Co-drivers
Photo: Asia Pacific Sports Media
APRC Secretariat
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