the new resourceful physics teacher

The Resourceful Physics Teacher Workshop, by Keith Gibbs
I hope to cover two connected areas of Physics.
Firstly I will explain and demonstrate some of the areas
of the schoolphysics website that contains over 3000
pages of material useful to 11 to 19 year old students of
Physics and their teachers. The network version has
been accessed by people from over 190 countries
worldwide in the last twelve months. I believe it to be
an invaluable resource and one that should find a place
in every school.
I will also show the schoolphysics CD which contains everything on the website and a wealth
of additional material. Then we will move on to the series of experiments taken from my
new book ‘The New Resourceful Physics Teacher’.
If you enjoy Physics experiments and would like to see some more fun and informative
demonstrations then this is for you.
There will be about thirty experiments demonstrated including spinning coat hangers,
charged Barbie dolls and simulated sunsets! I can’t do the talk without lots of audience
participation so do be prepared to be involved – hopefully it will be ‘why’ as well as ‘wow’
and you will go away with some new ideas to help your teaching.
Here are some comments received from teachers in the last two months:
I know it is thanks to these experiments (and your enthusiasm) that allowed me to grasp
physics, a subject I previously thought I wasn't much good at!
Thanks Keith. The Complete Edition CD arrived safe and sound and looks fabulous!
I just wanted to say what a fantastic book and how useful this will be for myself and the science
department I work in especially, as we have no physics specialist teachers.
I would like to say I really enjoy using the Resourceful Physics Teacher book, as a non specialist
it has been a godsend on occasions.
I enjoyed your show/talk/ demonstrations today - not sure what exactly to call it. Thank you for
all your inspiration.
The demonstrations you presented at the ASE conference are exactly the kind of thing to capture the
imagination of children and introduce them to the wonders of Physics.
 Waves
An invaluable resource base for all 11 to 19 year old
Physics and Science students and their teachers!
with two major new additions:
Physics at a glance – revision pages
Physics animations
The complete site and accompanying CD contain more
than 6000 pages of material!
and now
(a 272 page book in full colour – see over for details)
Complete Edition CD
Physics in Depth - Text - over 1800 pages
Physics at a Glance – Text – over 380 revision screens
Diagrams (over 2000)
png, gif and jpg images – over 1500 for use on an iPod etc.
Animations – over 100 covering much of school physics
Creative teaching ideas (mainly experimental) (over700)
Lesson plans for teachers with links to topics
Experiment guides for students age 11-19 (over 150)
Problems for students age 11-19 (over 3000)
Answers to the 3000 age11-19 problems
Single screen sheets - OHP or LCD projector (over 200)
• Tests for Students
•Toys in Physics
Internet site suggestions (over 150)
Photographic images of Physics and astronomy
History of Physics and Astronomy (over 1000 entries)
Brief biographies of over 200 Physicists and Astronomers
Dictionary of Physics and Astronomy (over 1100 entries)
This book contains a collection of over 700 mainly experimental creative
ideas for Physics teaching. These ideas and experiments are designed to
be both interesting and informative. This superb teaching resource has
been built up over the past forty years and includes many ideas that are
unique to this book.
A 272 page illustrated book in full colour
The book and CD are available via the website or by contacting the author:
[email protected]
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