Sun ~7o Horizon 5o ~20o 8:45 EDT is a good compromise between

Jupiter and Venus will appear < 7
minutes of arc apart.
This is about 1/4th the apparent
diameter of aFull Moon.
You will need an observing location
that is totally free of objects that
obscure the western horizon.
A pair of binoculars will be helpful to
find them in the twilight.
You should not attempt to use any
optical aid until the Sun is
completely below the horizon, or
blindness will result. In the case of
binoculars, damage will result in
both eyes.
A small telescope will show both
Venus and Jupiter as disks, instead of
points of light. And although Jupiter
is more than four times farther away
than Venus, it will appear three
times larger.
8:45 EDT is a good compromise between
the decreasing altitude of the planetary
conjunction and decreasing sky