Haynes Generating Station Repowering Project

Haynes Generating Station
Repowering Project
Fact Sheet
What Is Repowering?
Why Repower?
Repowering is a common term among electric utilities
that refers to rebuilding power plants by taking an old
generating unit out of commission, dismantling it, and
building a new, modern one at same plant. Typically the
repowered units are more energy efficient, create less
emissions, and increase reliability of the power grid.
The Haynes Repowering Project will achieve the
following benefits:
• Removing two aging generating units (Haynes 5 and
6) from service
• Providing 6 “peakers” that ramp to full capacity
within 10 minutes for supporting fluctuations in
renewable energy generation
• Increases fuel efficiency, thereby reducing
greenhouse gas and NOx emissions; lowering
fuel costs
• Reduces the use of ocean water (Once through Cooling)
Haynes Generating Station is a natural gas and steam
power plant located in the city of Long Beach and built in
the mid-1960s. The station currently has six generating
units with a combined capacity of 1,600 megawatts
(MW). In 2005, LADWP repowered Units 3 and 4 utilizing
combined cycle technology.
Project Description
Haynes Units 5 and 6 will be replaced with 6, 100 MW
simple-cycle units that provide fast-start capability,
ramping up to full load in 10 minutes. The project will also
provide dry cooling towers—replacing the current ocean
water cooling system for those units—gas compressors,
electrical transformers and switching equipment.
Estimated at $782 million, previously included in the
expenditure plan of Power System capital budget.
Construction Began:
Test Phase:
Once Through
Cooling Reduction
for All Coastal
Power Plants
Units 5 & 6
Scattergood Unit 3
Scattergood Units 1 & 2
Haynes Units 1 & 2
Harbor Unit 5
Haynes Unit 8
April 2011
November 2012 – April 2013
June 2013
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