Electrical network management for buildings

Electrical network management
for buildings and sites
The electricity supply in offices and manufacturing plants is critical to their day
to day operation. Failure of supply, either to an entire site or part of that site, can
result in significant loss of business and customer goodwill.
Although the network supply is usually stable and requires little intervention from the
end user, loss of supply can and does happen. This may be the result of faults on the
customer’s own network as well as the incoming supply. It is essential that the owners
or operators of a building or site have visibility of the status of their electrical network
and can quickly identify and respond to any faults which occur.
We offer a comprehensive, integrated ENMS which gives you an instant view of your
network status, allows remote management of plant assets and which enables more
structured maintenance planning.
& control
Our integrated Electrical Network Management
System (ENMS) continuously monitors the status
of the electrical network and provides metering
The major benefits of such a system are:
Complementary alarm annunciation software will notify
the site maintenance personnel of the exact nature
and location of any faults. Using advanced monitoring
equipment which captures data related to power
quality and short term disturbances, site personnel
can have confidence that the electrical network is
running correctly.
An ENMS is implemented through networked PLCs
and power meters, which monitor and control the
supply sources and switchboards comprising the
power system. Typical types of information that can
be collected include:
■ Switchgear status
■ Fault identification
■ Protection settings
earth fault current
level setting
■ Maintenance data
number of operations/trips
■ Energy
power factor
■ Advanced analysis
sags swells
The information on the system can be accessed
by a local screen, a standard web browser, or as
part of a full supervisory system. Interfaces to other
systems such as a building management system or
a generator control system can also be provided to
further enhance the functionality.
SE 6263
■ An instant view of the entire electrical
network status
■ Remote management of the plant assets
■ A record of the sequence of events in the
event of a disturbance
■ Historical data for maintenance planning
■ Visibility of loads in a centralised position
allowing the safe transfer of supplies
■ Centralised collection of power usage and
other electrical parameters for monitoring
and targeting programmes
Our capability
When designing a system, the customer will benefit
from our extensive range of SCADA, PLC, and
intelligent control and metering products. We can
offer a complete solution, including the distribution
switchgear to which these components are fitted.
We have considerable experience in delivering these
systems, using high levels of resilience featuring
dual redundancy and high integrity communications
networks. We also have extensive skills in integrating
these systems to third party equipment, including
building management systems.
Our experience covers a wide range of environments,
including hospitals, financial institutions,
telecommunication data centres and manufacturing
plants. We can complement our solution with our
range of support agreements including a 24 x 7
service if needed. Additionally, network management
can be supported by automatic changeover facilities
to restore power automatically, or a secure power
system incorporating UPS, generator and changeover
DEC 2007