Deliver a Faster Office 365 Experience

End-User Performance Optimization for O365
Deliver a Faster
Office 365 Experience
High-Performing Applications for
Highly Productive Employees
Migrating applications to the cloud gives organizations
better agility and flexibility for delivering collaborative
solutions such as Microsoft Office 365. But when
transitioning from an on-premises platform to a
cloud-hosted solution, the trade-offs are often
degraded performance levels and unsatisfactory
end-user experiences.
You won’t have to compromise performance. Not with
the End-User Performance Optimization Service.
Riverbed Professional Services can design and
implement a customized WAN optimization solution for
Office 365 that will enhance the end-user experience
while reducing WAN or Internet link utilizations.
Leveraging the latest Riverbed® SteelHeadTM
technology, the service supports OPEX and CAPEX
models as well as the complex, technical challenges of
designing a solution around the Office 365 product.
Key Service Benefits
• Accelerate delivery of Office 365
applications and data to your
users everywhere
• Reduce operational costs
associated with Office 365 by
reducing bandwidth usage,
errors, and network overhead
• Increase end-user productivity
and satisfaction by optimizing
Office 365 performance
• Tailor the service by comparing
various SteelHead solutions,
• Accelerate time to value,
adoption, and utilization of
support models, and financial
models like OPEX and CAPEX
SteelHead technologies
• Mitigate implementation risk by
leveraging Riverbed’s expertise,
proven methodologies, and best
practice configurations
• Lower support costs by building
in-house proficiency and skill
sets for managing the
SteelHead solution
Service Overview
Upon completing a pre-engagement consultation and confirming a start date, your assigned Riverbed
consultant and delivery lead will perform five phases of activity.
Phase 1: Analyze
• Collect details of the current infrastructure, including existing WAN optimization
• Collect details on the proposed Office 365 deployment, including server locations, migration plans, and
application usage
Phase 2: Design
• Create a set of implementation options for SteelHead deployment, incorporating hardware, license, and hosting
costs for decision makers to evaluate
• Document a detailed design plan based upon the approved architecture approach
• Produce a proposed deployment schedule for the solution
Phase 3: Enable
• Install and configure the SteelHead-based solution in the customer’s sites and/or cloud locations
Phase 4: Operate
• Validate end-user optimization as users migrate to Office 365
Phase 5: Evolve
• Upon completion of the End-User Performance Optimization Service, the RPS consultant will deliver a report
that summarizes the engagement and quantifies the bandwidth savings and end-user performance
improvements. The consultant will also identify opportunities for follow-on services to drive additional
efficiencies for Office 365, including the Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting Service
Riverbed Professional Services 2
Scope and Pricing
The End-User Performance Optimization Service is a fixed-price design and implementation offering.
Contact your Riverbed Professional Services sales representative for pricing information or send your inquiry to
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Related services
The End-User Performance Optimization Service is one of three Riverbed Consulting Solutions for Office 365
designed to support enterprise customers throughout the migration process—from planning into production and
beyond. The other services include:
Migration Planning and Readiness Service
• Uses live application traffic to establish performance baselines
• Determines how Office 365 applications will perform during and after deployment
• Provides projections for end-state capacity, usage, and end-user response times
• Incorporates predictions for SteelHead optimization during migration and post deployment
Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting Service
• Utilizes Riverbed® SteelCentralTM instrumentation to monitor networks and end-user experiences during and
after migration
• Provides network and application troubleshooting, including diagnosis of root causes and recommendations for
correction actions
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