In early 2015, People`s Care noticed an empty store kiosk at “The


In early 2015, People’s Care noticed an empty store kiosk at

“The Shoppes in Chino Hills”. Having had previous success with other micro-enterprise businesses in the Victorville area, People’s Care’s Day Program and Community Services management met with Caleb Ellis and Albert Molina, along with two other individuals with developmental disabilities, to discuss the idea of them becoming business owners. Caleb and Albert jumped at this amazing opportunity and worked with their partners to establish their own Limited Liability

Corporation (LLC), “GEM’s Snacks & Goods”. The gentleman had heard the phrase “Good Enough for Me” (GEM) during their time with People’s

Care and believed in this mantra so much, they incorporated it into their business name. The partners opened their store on August 5, 2015 and had their Grand Opening Celebration on August

27, 2015.

Caleb and Albert operate their kiosk with the support of their People’s Care staff five days a week. They sell handmade artisan goods created by individuals with disabilities in various People’s Care Day Programs throughout

Southern and Central California. Caleb and Albert created a profit sharing system with the artisans so that everyone is able to earn an income for themselves. Caleb and Albert have been strategizing on how to better market their products and increase sales.

You can visit their kiosk at The Shoppes in Chino Hills located at 13920 City Center Drive, K103 in Chino Hills (kiosk located near Barnes & Noble).

You can also follow their business on Instagram at g.e.m.s_

kiosk to get the firsthand scoop on new, seasonal and limited edition products!