10 Tips for Correct Alignment

Alabama Alternate Assessment (AAA) October 2013
10 Tips for Correct Alignment
1. A story is at least 3 sentences in length.
2. May use manipulatives, but must also show work in mathematics.
3. May use technology as long as it doesn’t supplant the skill.
4. Must provide a script with pictures/audio/video evidence.
5. Must follow the 10-item rule for worksheet/test evidence.
6. Must state, in the area of reading, that the student read the story, passage,
words, numbers, sounds, etc. (read aloud, signed, etc.)
7. Must provide a good description of task/activity on Body of Evidence Cover
Sheet and/or Written Performance Summary Sheet.
8. Use different stories, books, numbers, letters, sounds, etc. on each piece of
evidence submitted for scoring.
9. The student must read at complexity levels 3 and 4 in the subject of reading.
10. The AAA is assessing a student’s cognition, however, teachers must ensure
appropriate and correct content is being taught and assessed.