Natural magnets Where to find artificial magnets

Natural magnets
Magnetic iron ore is quite common in many parts
of the world. If it cannot be obtained locally, find a
supply house that will provide it for a small cost. A
piece of such iron ore is a natural magnet.
Sprinkle some iron filings or finely cut pieces of
steel wool on a sheet of white paper and observe
how the ore attracts them. Try picking up heavier
things made of iron, such as paper clips or carpet
tacks. Bring the lump of ore near a compass and
observe. Do all parts of the lump affect the
compass in the same way?
Where to find artificial magnets
Strong and useful artificial magnets for the
study of magnetism can be obtained from old
radio loudspeakers, from old telephone
receivers and from old automobile speedometers. Magnets can frequently be purchased
in the market and may always be obtained
from scientific supply houses. Artificial
magnets are made in many shapes such as
horseshoe, U-shaped and straight or bar