ZR-10E - Magnaflux





is the new Method D Hydrophilic Emulsifier.

(1) Does ZR-10E have the same approvals as ZR-10B?

Yes. ZR-10E was tested, qualified, and approved to AMS 2644 and is listed on QPL-AMS-2644 as:

ZL-2C/ZR-10E (20%) Type 1, Method D, Level 2

ZL-27A/ZR-10E (20%)

ZL-37/ZR-10E (20%)

Type 1, Method D, Level 3

Type 1, Method D, Level 4

(2) Can ZR-10E be mixed with ZR-10B?

No. Due to the new approval and qualifications to AMS 2644 for ZR-10E,

ZR-10E cannot be mixed with ZR-10B.

(3) Can ZR-10B still be used?

Yes. Any remaining supplies of ZR-10B may be used.

(4) What steps can be taken to convert to ZR-10E?

Use up current ZR-10B supply. Run any tanks of ZR-10B down to the lowest level possible. Then drain the tank, rinse with water, and prepare fresh ZR-10E solution.

(5) Is it necessary to clean the tank when the change to ZR-10E is implemented?

It should be sufficient to drain the tank of ZR-10B, flush the tank with water, and then prepare the fresh ZR-10E solution. Of course, if the tank is contaminated, cleaning may be necessary.

(6) What is the pricing of ZR-10E?

The pricing for ZR-10E is the same as the pricing for ZR-10B.

(7) What are the part numbers for ZR-10E?




ZR-10E 5 gallon pail

ZR-10E 20 gallon drum

ZR-10E 55 gallon drum

• ZR-10E is qualified and approved to AMS 2644 with ZL-2C, ZL-27A, and


• ZR-10E does not contain


• ZR-10E is available immediately

• ZR-10B will be discontinued as of

December 31, 2015

• ZR-10B may be available until inventory is depleted

• ZR-10E will be supplied when ZR-10B inventory is depleted

• ZR-10E is non-regulated

(non-hazardous) for shipping by all modes (air, ocean, ground)

• (ZR-10B is hazardous to ship by certain modes)

• Complete QPL approved

Zyglo product line does not contain NPE’s with the introduction of ZR-10E