Instructions for Wooden Box Assembly Instructions for putting Baking

Instructions for Wooden Box Assembly
1. The wooden box pieces laid
out flat in the right place.
3. Place one
end piece
into the
slot hole of
the sides
sure the
slots of the
end piece
are downward and push to
the bottom so it fits in the
groove of the bottom panel.
Instructions for
putting Baking
Sheets into the
Wooden Box
2. Slot the base panel into the
grooves of the side
4. Push the other end piece into
the slots the same as before.
1. Lay the baking sheet over the 2. Fold and crease both side of
top of the box.
tthe baking sheet to the inner
edge of the box.
3. Fold and crease both ends
the same way to the inner
edge of the box.
4. Fold a diagonal crease from
the corner of the baking sheet
to the creased corner so that
it makes hospital corners.
5. Put the baking sheet into
the box making sure the
hospital corners are on the
outside for a tidy finish for
the contents.
6. Tape into place. Now you can
make soap.