House Book

House Book
Take an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of copy paper and fold it horizontally (hamburger). Then bend it
to determine the center of the sheet and pinch but don’t crease. Fold each end of the
folded sheet in to touch the center and crease. This will form a shutter book.
Open the paper back to the first fold you made. Placing your finger between the two
sides, run it up between the “shutters” forcing one side to fold toward the front. A
triangle will form at the top of the flap near the fold. Do the same with the other side, so
that it looks like this:
A house book can be used for having students write directions to their homes, describe
homes in other cultures, or as an invitation to Open House at school. They can draw
their bedroom under the center section that lifts up.
Denise White, 2007