Gazi Üniversitesi

Gazi University
Faculty of Engineering
Dept. of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
EM 221 Circuit Analysis I
2015-2016 Fall Semester
Dr. M. Timur Aydemir
Room: 350, Phone: 582 33 50
e-mail: [email protected]
Office Hours: Monday 15.00-17.00
Course Content
1. Basic circuit variables; voltage, current, power,
2. Circuit elements; voltage and current sources,
electrical resistance, Ohm’s Law, Kirchoff’s
3. Simple resistive circuits; resistors in series and
parallel, delta to wye equivalent circuits.
4. Techniques of circuit analysis; node-voltage
and mesh current methods, Thevenin and
Norton equivalents, Super position.
Dr. Ertuğrul AKSOY
Room: 355, Phone: 582 33 55
e-mail: [email protected]
Office Hours: TBA
Operational amplifier
Inductance, capacitance and mutual
Response of first order RC and RL
circuits; natural and step response of RC
and RL circuits, sequential switching
Response of RLC circuits; natural and step
response of RLC circuits, sequential
1. J. David Irwin, Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis, 10th ed. John Wiley
2. J.W. Nilsson, S.A. Riedel, Electric Circuits, 9th. Ed., Prentice Hall
3. C. K. Alexander, M.N. Sadiku, Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, 5th ed., McGraw Hill
Calculation of the final grade:
Term Average=0.15*Midterm1 + 0.25*Midterm2 + 0.2*Quiz Average + 0.4*Lab. Average
Final Grade= 0.6*Term Average+0.4*Final Exam
Homework: Homework will be assigned regularly throughout the semester. 25% of the Quiz Average will be
from the homework grades.
Exams: There will be eight 15-minute quizzes, two midterm exams and a final exam.
Homework Policy:
Homework will be assigned regularly throughout the semester. Although they will not be graded, students are
encouraged to do the homework since quiz question will be similar to the homework questions.
Laboratory Policy:
There will be 8 experiments. Students working in the same experiment group are allowed to write a report for
each experiment. All students who belong to the same group receive the same grade for the report. A report
should include the following: objective of the experiment, procedure, measured data and values calculated
from these data, calculation of expected values, related plots, explanation and discussion of the results,
differences between experimental and theoretical results, conclusion, and answers of the questions given in the
handouts. There will be no make-up for the missing experiments unless an official sick report is submitted.