Index Card Challenge - Fall River Public Schools

Index Card Challenge Objective: Work as a team to create a freestanding structure made of index cards that can stand for 10 seconds and hold a beanie baby on top of it. Directions: 1. Each team must complete the construction of its tower within 25 minutes. 2. The index cards ​
may be cut (they ​
do not have to be cut​
) into pieces and reassembled as desired. You are not required to use all the index cards in your structure. 3. Tape is to be used to fasten parts of the tower together. It may not be used to attach the tower to the floor or any other object. 4. A tower shall be declared free­standing if it remains self­supporting for more than 10 seconds. The tower must support a beanie baby (no part of the animal can touch the ground or anything else) 5. Pose for picture with your structure and your fellow engineers Materials: 1. A package of index cards (lined or unlined, 3 x 5 ­ 75 cards) 2. 12 inches of scotch tape 3. Scissors 5. Stuffed animal (beanie baby) 6. No other materials are allowed