HB 5 Graduation Requirements

*Updated Spring 2015
Lorena High School
HB 5
Graduation Requirements
Foundation Graduation Plan – 28 credits
English – 4 credits
 English I, II, III
 English IV
 Advanced English Credit
Science – 3 credits
 Biology
 Two additional laboratory-based
science classes
Foreign Language – 2 credits
 Two credits of foreign language
 Two credits of Computer Science
Fine Arts – 1 credit
 Art, Theatre or Band
Health Education – .5 credit (one semester)
- 3 credits
Algebra I
Advanced Math Credit
Social Studies – 3 credits
 World Geography or World History
 United States History
 Government
 Economics
Physical Education – 1 credit
 Two years of Marching Band can
Technology – 1 credit
 BUSIM (Business Information Mgt)
Speech - .5 credit (one semester)
Electives – 9 credits
Endorsement Requirement – 28 credits
Math – 1 additional credit**
Science – 1 additional credit
Completion of coursework outlined by chosen endorsement area
**Successful completion of Algebra II is required to graduate with a Distinguished Level of
Achievement and be admissible to a four-year college immediately following high school
*Updated Spring 2015
Endorsement Options*
STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Business and Industry
Public Service
Arts and Humanities
Multidisciplinary Studies
*See Lorena High School Endorsements for details on the requirements for each endorsement
Performance Acknowledgements
A student may earn one or more performance acknowledgement(s) on the diploma and transcript
for outstanding performance in any of the following areas:
Dual Credit
o Completion of at least 12 hours of college academic courses with a grade
equivalent of a 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale
o Completion of three or more credits in one foreign language with a
minimum GPA equivalent of 80 or higher; and
o Completion of all English language arts requirements with a minimum
GPA equivalent of 80 or higher
AP Exams
o A score of 3 or higher on a College Board Advanced Placement
o Recognition as a commended scholar or higher by the College Board and
National Merit Scholarship Corporation or National Hispanic Recognition
Program or National Achievement Scholarship Program
o SAT critical reading and mathematics score of 1250 or higher
o ACT composite score of 28 or higher
Business or industry certification or license
o Nationally or internationally recognized certification or license