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The service was led by Agricultural Chaplain
Sharon Meyer, of Toft Hall Farm,
July/August 2016
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All Saints’ Marthall
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Holy Communion led by Rev. Gerri Tetzlaff
Family Service Lay-Led
Holy Communion led by Rev. Gerri Tetzlaff
Morning Prayer led by Rev. Gerri Tetzlaff
Joint Benefice Morning Praise @ St. Peters,
Lower Withington.
Holy Communion led by Rev. Gerri Tetzlaff
Family Service Lay-Led
Holy Communion led by Revd John Knowles
Morning Prayer led by Rev. Gerri Tetzlaff
Holy Communion led by Rev. Gerri Tetzlaff
When there is a 5th Sunday in the month there will be a Joint All-Age Service which
will rotate around the three churches.
Please note the new times for our church services at Marthall.
Rev. Gerri Tetzlaff is prepared to swap services around to accommodate
any special services.
July 2nd Elaine/Trica
July 30th Margaret W / Carol
August 27th Rosemary/ Lynda.
September 24th Barbara / Margaret F
October 22nd Elaine / Trica,
November 19th Margaret W / Carol
December 17th Rosemary / Lynda
Congratulations to Dan and Lauren (nee Worthington) Baines.
Baby daughter Lola Olivia on the 28th May, also a welcome new addition
to grandparents Andrew and Lynda.
Nancy Hope
wishes to thank all friends and neighbours for their
kind thoughts, prayers, cards and lovely flowers.
So very much appreciated.
Thank you everyone.
Love, Nancy
All Saints’ Church
Vicar’s Letter
Gerri Tetzlaff
Dear Friends
At the time of writing each of us were considering how to vote in the
referendum. By the time that you read this – the decision will have been
made. A momentous decision – some would say the most important
decision we had to make in our lifetime. That is quite sobering isn’t it?
We had a responsibility to do as much as we could to make that decision
Now that it is made we will live with the consequences – and I’m sure
the wrangling will go on in political quarters for decades – the ‘if only’
brigade; the ‘we have the EU referendum to blame for this’ brigade.
Of course, we will never know how it would be if the opposite decision
was made.
Each of us will have felt the pressure to vote one way or the other as we
heard, saw and read different viewpoints. During his ministry Jesus
was under tremendous pressure to be a certain way, to do certain things
and not others. Many wanted him to form a militia and lead a revolt
against the Roman occupation; that is what they expected the Messiah
to do. Others thought he should toe the line and be a different type of
religious leader; one that bowed to the religious authorities and didn’t
make any waves.
Jesus however, could only do and be himself – guided and directed by
his Father in heaven. He didn’t deliberately set out to upset people
but knew that he would. His ministry was to the poor, the oppressed,
the lonely, the sad and bereaved. He came to demonstrate a different
kind of society – one built on justice that cares for those on the margins
without discrimination or expectation. He came for the undeserving
which, to be honest, goes against the grain in our society. We spend
much time considering whether people ‘deserve’ something or not.
Jesus did away with the need to discriminate and gave to all freely the
gift of eternal life and friendship with him.
I do hope that whatever decision has been made in the referendum
that we can continue to come together as a community – like we did at
the recent rather wet Garden Party where we celebrated the Queen’s
90th Birthday! A true community spirit came out and people gathered
together despite the rain and enjoyed themselves! Thanks to all those
who supported, participated and organised the day.
May we continue to be a people willing to accept difference and offer a
welcome to strangers and learn to call them friends.
Regards Revd Gerri Tetzlaff
TEL: 01565 872957
The time has come the Walrus said to talk of many things .
For me the time has come not to talk of many things ( though I do
enjoy that!!) but to pack many things; or to be more precise since
I am moving from a large manse to a smaller retirement home, to
decide which of many things I take with me to Cumbria and which I
pass on to others in Cheshire.
Sorting things has brought back many special memories of people
and places who have shared my life, and as I write this last article for
you I want to do four things
First I want to say thank you to you for the times we have shared
together; services especially Plough Sunday, Lent study groups and
social occasions.
Then I would like to ask for your thoughts and prayers at this time
of change for me, and also for my successor Rev Scott Manning who
is coming to us from the South African Methodist Conference with
his wife Jenny and three children Natalie Andrew and Sean
Thirdly I would like to invite you to a Celebration of our Time
Together at Alderley Edge Methodist Church on Sunday July 24 at
And lastly to share two verses from a hymn which was part of the
WI Centenary Celebration service last November, two verses which
seemed to sum up what I would like to say for myself and for you:For friends we’ve cherished through the years
And all that we’ve achieved
In serving others day by day
We recognise along the way
So much that we’ve received
Our future we entrust to God
The source of everything
The one forever at our side
To calm and strengthen, guard and guide
In all that life may bring
The next service will take place on Tuesday 19 July at 2pm in the
community room at Astle Court led by Rev Jackie Betts. Everyone
is very welcome to join us for the service which will be followed by a
cup of tea and a chat.
Can you help the
Cheshire Villages
Great War Society
An ambitious exhibition to be presented at the
Hall at Marthall on Saturday, 12th November
As a result of the series of articles which was initiated by our talented
computer print designer, Peter Ruff, commemorating the 1914-1918 Great
War, we have been approached by a group of enthusiasts from parishes in
the Macclesfield area of Cheshire East called the Cheshire Villages Great
War Society. They have attracted warm praise from the Western Front
Association , who have branches throughout the United Kingdom and
internationally ... Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, New Zealand and the
United States, for the exhibitions they have already mounted in Rainow,
Siddington, Sutton, Goostrey, and most recently in Gawsworth.
The Cheshire Villages Society aim to present detailed remembrances, not
only of the men from our parishes who gave their lives in the War, but also
of all who served and survived.
Please read the appeal from David Clarke and help if you can. Dave is
compiling the biographies of the survivors , and John Dines the obituaries
of the fallen.
It will simplify the process if you contact the appropriate volunteer directly,
but if necessary... because of framed material for instance ... let me have
your material and I will undertake to see that it is delivered safely. Anything
you have provided for the Parish Post articles has already been copied to
he group.
They can be reached most easily by telephone :
David Clarke 01260 252568 ( Lower Withington )
John Dines 01260 278243 (Eaton and Hulme Walfield )
Thank you for any help you can provide.
Alan Street
The Cheshire Villages Great War Society are holding
their next exhibition in The Hall at Marthall in November,
following last year’s successful event at Gawsworth.
We would like to top it, but we need your help.
Are you descended from any of the men who are
named on the panel above the porch to All Saints
Church , Marthall, or on the plaque inside the church
?* Do you know anything about their war time
experiences.? Do you have any post cards or letters
they sent home, or best of all, a photograph of one of
the soldiers, sailors or airmen who served in World
War 1?
If you can let one of us, or Alan Street, have a copy
of any relevant information we intend to attempt to tell
each man’s story as we have for David Toft.
*A list of those who served, and of those who died,
during the war was also published in the September
2014 issue of the Parish Post.
One of the 82 men named on the panel above the porch at All Saints Church
of those who served from the parishes of Ollerton, Marthall and Little Warford
during the Great War is David Toft. David was born in the spring of 1894 in
Marthall, the son of John and Mary Toft. After leaving school he went to work for
John Mason at Ash Tree Farm, Ollerton, where he lived in and was employed as a
farm labourer. By 1914 he had worked his way up to become the farm wagoner.
David must have been one of the first men in the village to answer the country’s call
to arms and volunteered , attesting at Macclesfield on the 21st of September 1914.
He was called up on the 17th of February 1915, joining the Royal Field Artillery.
After training he was sent to France, disembarking on the 27th of November 1915,
serving in France and Belgium for the next nine months as a Gunner. But then
he was taken ill, complaining of being run down, and feeling weak with a very bad
cough. The doctors diagnosed that he had contracted pulmonary tuberculosis .. a
condition which would not improve if he remained at the front, living in trenches
and under canvas. So, on the 28th of September 1916 the Army Medical Board
ruled that he was unfit for active service and he was was given his wound badge
and discharged from the army.
In 1923 he was awarded the Star War and Victory medals ( Pip squeak and Wilfred
). In 1928 he married Annie Davies ** and lived in Blease Cottage, off Percival
Lane, Ollerton. He died at Cranford Lodge Hospital on the 16th March 1962.
** Do you know at which church ?
On Sunday, 22nd May, Jeff and Elaine Boyling hosted
the Rogation Service on the Kell Green Hall Farm,
off Sandlebridge Lane, Marthall
The service commenced in an open fronted marquee in the Boyling’s
garden, before a congregation of 36 walked to appropriate points to
celebrate key aspects of agricultural life.
We all knew what we were celebrating on this traditional rural occasion,
but a show of hands called for by the Agricultural Chaplain , during her
introductory address confirmed that prior to the service, like her, none of
us knew why it is christened as a ‘Rogation Service’. Your editor was one
exception, having researched the subject with a view of writing this report
... the other being a guest from Knutsford who had also done so on being
invited to attend, and was considerate enough to keep the information to
An excellent buffet after the service created an opportunity
for a friendly chat
The derivation is the Latin word ‘rogare’ , to ask, by implication in a humble
manner. The theme is to offer prayers for God’s blessing on the fruits of
the earth and upon those who labour on the land.
Very appropriately our devotions were led by Sharon Meyer, an
Agricultural Chaplain, who had been understudying Canon Keith Ineson,
Head of Cheshire Agricultural Chaplaincy, whose imminent retirement
was announced in our April issue. Additionally, Sharon is a neighbour , as
she has not only qualified in the Chaplain’s role, but since the death of her
husband , also oversees the management of the 300 acre farm on the Toft
Hall estate.
The service followed the traditional sequence, starting with a meadow;
then the animals, water in the lake, the garden and finally the farmhouse,
interposed at each point by prayers, hymns, and relevant readings by
members of the congregation.
As the sun set on what had been a
lovely evening we returned to the
shelter of the marquee for the also
traditionally excellent finger buffet
prepared by the ever present ladies
of the church and the W.I.
Kell Green Hall Farm is a Grade
II listed property, built in the early
18th Century. A splendid setting and
befitting to the sincere thanks on
behalf of us all expressed by Church
Warden Tony Walley to Jeff and
Elaine at the end of the evening.
Alan Street
Our hosts for the evening, Jeff
and Elaine Boyling, of Kell
Green Hall Farm
The service was led by Agricultural Chaplain, Sharon Meyer, of Toft Hall
Cut Lavender for drying, choose newly opened flowers for best fragrance,
then hang up in a cool, dark place.
Give dahlias a liquid feed, keep them well watered and tie the shoots of
tall varieties to stakes as they grow.
Hoe and hand-weed borders often , so weeds don’t have time to set seed.
Water and feed sweet peas regularly, pick the flowers every few days, and
remove seed pods to prolong flowering.
Plant autumn bulbs, including nerines, colchicums and sternbergia, in pots
and borders.
Check crops such as runner beans regularly for aphids, and rub or wash
them off straight away, before they multiply.
Water thirsty plants as celery, beans, peas, courgettes, pumpkins and
tomatoes regularly.
Make the last pickings of rhubarb and remove any flower spikes that start
to form, cutting right down at the base.
Thin out heavy crops of apples, pears and plums, and remove any
malformed. Damaged or undersized fruits.
Prune plum trees in dry weather, when silver leaf fungal disease is less
Sow a last batch of peas and dwarf beans before mid-July for an autumn
Shorten side shoots growing from the framework of trained fruit trees,
reducing to about five leaves from their base.
Water fruit trees and bushes, then lay a mulch of garden compost around
their base to hold in moisture.
Cover brassicas with fine netting to prevent cabbage white butterflies
laying their eggs on the leaves.
Peg down strawberry runners into pots of compost to root new plants.
Pick courgettes regularly so they don’t turn into marrows.
Sow small batches of fast-maturing salad leaves, rocket and radishes every
few weeks for continuous pickings.
Cut down broad beans after harvesting, but leave the roots in the soil to
release nitrogen as they decompose.
Collect seeds as they ripen, from plants such
as aquilegias, sweet peas and love-in-a-mist,
choosing a dry day!!
Dead head dahlias and other perennials to
encourage a constant display of blooms.
Keep camellias and rhododendrons well watered
through late summer while their flower buds are
Trim lavender once flowering is over to maintain
a compact, bushy shape, but avoid cutting into
old wood.
Be vigilant for signs of tomato and potato blight,
removing affected plants immediately to prevent
Summer prune both free-standing and trained
apple trees, to encourage good fruiting in future
Plant well-rooted strawberry runners I to new
Pinch out the tops of outdoor tomatoes, as
further flowers are unlikely to produce fruits that
have time to ripen.
Our vicar, Gerri formally opened
the party and led us in singing
“Happy Birthday”
to Her Majesty
Gerri, Tony and Rosemary say a big
“Thank You” to everyone who
set up, contributed to, and
manned the stalls, and a wide
range of features .... reception,
lottery, bowling, ‘kill the rat’,
bounty castle, ice cream, and of
course the splendid
refreshments, barbeque and bar.
It was indeed a lovely occasion.
Despite the weather our spirits
were not dampened ... in fact
quite the opposite. Thanks to the
setting at the Hall at Marthall,
about 100 of our neighbours and
friends had a dry and
companionable afternoon.
Our vicar, Gerri formally opened the
party and led us in singing “Happy
Birthday” to Her Majesty, tuned in by
a five-man band headed by
Mr Willy Simpson under the name of
“Maggoty” , which immediately put us
in party mood.
So with various stalls to wander round,
and of course our usual tombola, you
were then ready for a cup of tea and
a delicious cake or two; and as the
afternoon went on we followed with a
barbeque and a glass of wine.
Many thanks again to you all
for making the party so special.
“God Bless Our Queen “.
The Church Wardens.
The conclusion of the parish
celebrations of Her Majesty’s
official birthday weekend was
a service of thanksgiving on
the Sunday morning. The
congregation was welcomed
by a flag bedecked floral
display by Amy, and the
service, led by Margaret,
was opened with a
rendition of the
National Anthem.
There has been a burglary overnight that has taken place just off
Bucklow hill at Mere. A barn was broken into and 2 motorbikes
along with some car wheels have been stolen. Please ensure your
outdoor security. Many thanks, Lindsey Whitehead (Police, PCSO,
Macclesfield LPU Knutsford PCSO)
A new phishing campaign which has hit students
of UK universities claims that the student has been
awarded an educational grant by the Department for
Education. The email purports to have come from the
finance department of the student’s university and
tricks the recipient into clicking on a link contained
in the message to provide personal and banking
One victim reported that after submitting
their sensitive information (including name, address,
date of birth, contact details, telephone provider,
bank account details, student ID, National Insurance
Number, driving licence number and mother’s maiden
name), they were taken to a spoofed website which
appeared like a genuine website of their bank, where
they were asked to type in their online banking login
credentials. Protect Yourself
Do not click on any links or open attachments contained
within unsolicited emails.
• Do not reply to scam emails or contact the senders in any
• If an email appears to have come from a person or
organisation you know of but the message is unexpected
or unusual, contact them directly via another method to
confirm that they sent you the email.
• If you receive an email which asks you to login to an
online account via a link provided in the email, instead of
clicking on the link, open your browser and go directly to
the company’s website yourself.
• If you have clicked on a link in the email, do not supply
any information on the website that may open.
If you think you may have compromised the safety of your bank
details and/or have lost money due to fraudulent misuse of your
cards, you should immediately contact your bank, and report
it to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040, or visiting www.
Counterfeit Cheques
This is a message sent via Cheshire Police Alert. This information
has been sent on behalf of Action Fraud (National Fraud Intelligence
(Please do not reply or forward this email directly; please use the Reply,
Share buttons at the bottom of this message)
Message sent by
Action Fraud (Action Fraud, Administrator, National)
Businesses are being contacted for the sale of goods or
services by fraudsters, who request to pay by cheque. The
fraudster sends a cheque with a higher value than the
amount expected, and then sends the business a request
for the difference with instructions on how it should be
paid back. This is usually by bank transfer or through a
money transfer service, such as Western Union or PaySafe.
Once the ‘refund’ has been provided, it is realised that the
cheque provided was fraudulent and no funds are credited
to the business’s account. The NFIB has seen an increase of
84% in the number of counterfeit cheque frauds reported to
Action Fraud since November 2015. Criminals are targeting
a wide range of services including paintings or other
artwork, photography and lessons, with various amounts
requested to be refunded. The average amount requested to
be refunded is £1,818. The highest amount requested was
over £80,000. The suspects have used pressure tactics to
persuade victims to refund the amounts immediately prior
to the cheques clearing. Crime Prevention Advice
• Be cautious of payments where the amount provided
is higher than expected. Refuse to provide the
service unless the correct balance is received or
wait until the cheque has cleared before refunding
the difference.
• Always contact banks on a trusted number found
on their website or correspondence that is known
to be authentic to confirm whether the cheque has
• Do not feel pressured to provide a refund before the
cheque has cleared.
If you have been affected by this, or any other scam,
report it to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040, or
visiting www.actionfraud.police.uk
July/August 2016
The June meeting was held on 7th and Patsy Howlett welcomed everyone on a special meeting to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday.
Everyone enjoyed a glass of bubbly to toast our Queen and we sang
happy birthday, all members wore something red, white and blue.
Patsy reported upon our ladies hard won, home and away bowls matches against Antrobus so ensuring our passing on to the next round.
Our August meeting is is an outing to a garden in Wilmslow followed
by supper at The Drum and Monkey in Alderley Edge. In the absence
of a speaker members made small floral arrangements from flowers
and foliage brought in and shared, the result was a very enjoyable
time spent, and the arrangemments looked lovely and all very different. The raffle was a special birthday rose from Fryers Nurseries,
Knutsford, was won by Mavis Williams!
The next meeting will be held on 5th July and the speaker will be
Christine Redstone who will enlighten us on Willow Weaving,
everyone is welcome to come along and join us,
Elaine Boyling
This years walk will take place around Over
Peover taking in a visit to St. Lawrence Church
and Peover Park. We will meet at the
Parkgate Inn at
6-00pm and ending the walk back at the
Parkgate Inn for a light supper.
I do hope you will be able to join us, if not for
the walk you are most welcome to come along
for the supper!
Elaine Boyling
We are delighted to report it was announced that Robert has been
awarded a British Empire Medal (BEM) in this year’s Queen’s
Birthday Honours List. The citation states that this is “For services
to the communities of Ollerton, Marthall and Little Warford.” We
understand the formal presentation will take place in the autumn.
Robert has lived in Ollerton since 1971 ... 45 years ... and has
been continuously involved with village affairs for 38 of those years.
He chaired the Parent-Teacher Association of the village school from
1977 to 1983.
From 1984 to 2007 he served on the Ollerton, Marthall and Little
Warford Village Hall Management Committee, chairing it from 1990
until 2007, when he was appointed Chairman of the Project Team
which was responsible for the design,funding and construction of
the new ‘Hall at Marthall’. Robert continues to serve as a Trustee of
the Hall.
In 2003 he was elected to the Ollerton with Marthall Parish
Council, being appointed its Chairman in 2013. He retired from
the Council last year after 12 years as a Parish Councillor.
Our community owes Robert Weston sincere gratitude for his
contributions to village life and we wish him a long and happy
retirement from his civic duties , and to having more time to spend
with his wife Jane and the families of his two daughters who both live
in the area, and of course for his extensive garden and consuming
hobby, golf.
Since our return from the half term holiday, we have been extremely
busy in pre-school. On Wednesday morning, we had a trip out to
Gauntlet Birds of Prey. We had a brilliant time, we were able to fly
some birds ourselves and we met a very smelly ferret. Our thanks to
Lisa and Graham for such an enjoyable visit.
Today, we have had Sports Day. Our first attempt at Sports Day was
cancelled due to inclement weather, however, today was wall to wall
sunshine. The children all ran 5 races including the ice cream cone
race and dressing up race and were presented with a medal at the
Our school leavers are now busy preparing for their move up to big
school. They’ve been going for fittings for their grown up uniforms
and, over the course of the next few weeks, they’ll begin going on
visits to their new classrooms in order to ease their transition to
school life in September.
*Note - Toddler Group meets each Wednesday morning in the
school hall at 10-00am until 11-45am.
£1 includes tea, juice and biscuits
The Pre-school join them at the end of the session
for “Singing time”
With experienced regional specialists
and regular sales in the UK and further
you are considering selling.
0161 927 3822
The Stables
213 Ashley Road
Hale, WA15 9TB