Mid-range Plan 2012

July, 2012
Media Center Mid-Range Plan 2012-2015
1. Build a use environment suitable for resources in both 「Print and Digital」format
Properly develop the「Print and Digital」collections that sustain education, research, and
medical care; in addition, provide reliable use environment and services for the collections
(1) Review of the policies for「Print and Digital」collection development
According to the high costs of e-resources and the change in the importance to remote access
services from on-site services, establish the policies for the followings: collection and preservation,
for print resources; license agreement and acquisition, for e-resources. Then, build suitable
collections along the policies.
(2) Improvement in「Discovery Service」
Improve functions for integrated search like mainly KOSMOS: expansion of the target data and
continuation of retrospective conversion, in order to ensure a reliable access to the resources and
information needed. Particularly enhance discovery services by improving navigation functions and
proceed with visualization of resources and information.
(3) Establishment of e-book services and contribution to digitization of Japanese-language books
Establish e-book services under the policies for systematic collection considering user-friendliness,
budgeting, and operational efficiency and promote the use of the services. Meanwhile, actively join
the activities for digitization of domestic publications.
(4) Effective dissemination of academic information
Collect and accumulate academic assets inside the university electronically in order to disseminate
and preserve the academic knowledge; make the assets accessible and open to the public in the
2. Achieve coexistence of「Respect for Individuality」and「Cooperation」
Optimize a service and operation to coordinate campus diversity and cooperation as a whole Media
(1) Further promotion of services that meet campus needs
Promote the expansion of services that meet the diversity of campus and users: service system,
collection development, and reuse of the space and facilities in the library.
(2) Promotion of library operations considering the entire Media Center
While respecting independence of each Center, focus on standardizing and streamlining services
and operations in cooperation as a whole Media Center in order to make a service simpler and to
gain better operational efficiency.
(3) Establishment of archive standards for print resources also activities for the implementation
of large-scale book depositories
Decide on the policies for archiving academic information including the archive policies for print
resources; also, enhance resource sharing inside the university. On the basis of those policies,
promote a plan for large-scale book depositories as a radical solution to the lack of stack capacity in
the library.
(4) Improvement to attractive facilities and delivery of new services in the library
While expanding remote access services, promote further development and improvement of library
environment that meets campus needs: improvement of facilities in the library and expansion of
new services, in order to provide the places for knowledge creation.
3. Establish a good operating system that reflects changes in the library environment
Strengthen Library management / Library administration and reorganize the Media Center staff
and operations
(1) Improvement of library management system
Establish a consistent and continuous library management system and conduct the management
reform that can make a quick response to the changes in the library environment. To this end,
organize the management system containing research and analysis features, and strive to secure
independent source of revenue.
(2) Clarfication of the qualities required of library staff as well as human resource development
Build up professional expertise and career personality for library operations; also, provide
development and maintenance of human resources to the library staff to be capable of planning
along the organizational objectives.
(3) Review of staffing in accordance with environmental change in the library to maintain and improve
service quality
Review a service desk and staffing to make it suitable for assisting learning and research under the
circumstances of declining number of Reference or ILL use. In addition, maintain and improve
service qualities under the new subcontracting system.
(4) Review of the allocation of management resources for an efficient management system for e-resources
Enhance management and operation systems of e-resources by reviewing operating costs, and
adjust a service system suitable for the trend of remote access service usage.
4. Serve extensively both within and beyond the university
Support the educational, research, and medical care activities; in addition, contribute toward
producing knowledge and putting it into practical use both inside and outside the university
(1) Closer cooperation with faculty members and other departments inside the university
Support「Academic Contribution」diligently through inter-university cooperation for assisting
learning and research.
(2) Enhancement of cooperation with other institutions (and organizations) outside the university for
social contribution
Utilize an existing social network outside the university and build a new one. Besides, serve society
with our capability of responding actively to various changes in and around the library by joining
the activities of Japan Alliance of University Library Consortia for E-Resources (JUSTICE), for
(3) Promotion of international cooperation
Contribute to mutual-revitalization through international cooperation: participating in OCLC
Research Library Partnership and expanding exchange staff-training programs with other research
libraries overseas.