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Preset Station
wall-mounted control panel
Preset Station is a simple operating panel that allows access to the
powerful resources of eChameleon automation software, with a
simplified interface that requires minimal training.
It provides safe and reliable control for busy backstage staff, carrying
out simple, pre-defined axis movements at the touch of a button,
such as moving a sliding panel along a stage track, lowering a
projector screen or raising a house curtain. Preset Station is ideal
for simple tasks frequently carried out by non-specialist operators,
who may need to lower a lighting bar for maintenance, for example.
Complex multi-target sequences and axis synchronisation are also
possible for more technical users.
Preset Station runs a specially-designed version of eChameleon
software for user-friendly operation via touch screen. It can access
the same system and show the same information as our other control
consoles, thereby preventing conflicts between multiple devices.
Preset Station can be wall-mounted or rack-mounted for ease of use
where storage space is minimal.
Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor
1 Gb RAM
40 Gb HDD
8” touch screen
Weight: 5.6kg 12.3lbs
Dimensions: 400 W x 117 D x 300 H (mm)
15.7 W x 4.6 D x 11.8 H (inches)
Enclosure: aluminium
Fanless unit
Finish: black
2x USB ports
Supply voltage: 48V dc
Current consumption (max): 7.1 A
OS - Microsoft Windows® XP Professional
Contents page for easy navigation to specific pages
16 action buttons per page that can be configured:
as a pre-recorded action
as a specific axis (manual target or pre-recorded dead)
as a specific group (manual target or pre-recorded dead)
Create, delete and edit pages and buttons as you go
Position action buttons using drag and drop functionality
Intuitive touch screen interface
Combined start button and dead man’s handle
No override of axis speed is permitted (i.e. fixed speed for each
action button)
Simple selection of required action button to start operation
Complex multi-target sequences can be set up, moving axes
separately or synchronised together
Logging and Data
Separate system errors display
Axis overview display includes:
Axis status
Load management
Device overview display
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