Contact Comes with Enlightenment By James Gilliland

Contact Comes with Enlightenment
By James Gilliland
Many have asked the question, "What does enlightenment have to do with contact?" In
all due respect, why would an advanced race of beings want to communicate with a
knuckle dragger with no reference points? Simple logic would bring one to the
understanding that if a race did not destroy themselves due to an imbalance of
technology over spirituality, which recent archeological finds show we have done in the
past, they would evolve into a very telepathic, spiritually enlightened civilization. Who
would they contact? Would it be the enlightened ones on this planet?
Open minds and loving hearts are the necessary ingredients for benevolent contact.
The benevolent ones do not want to further any one agenda, government or religion,
which answers the question why they have not landed in the Vatican or the White
House lawn. They do not believe in structured truths which create separation, division
and sometimes war in endless power struggles. They have transcended all religious
and cultural boundaries into a profound love for all people and all life. They
acknowledge the Creator in all creation and inherent within their spiritual evolution there
is a commitment to service. They are like interstellar and interdimensional galactic
ambassadors existing on a vibrational continuum all the way back to the very source
itself. They honor the prime directive contacting only those who are evolved enough to
understand their messages and motives.
Unfortunately the seeds of truth concerning UFOs and other interdimensional contacts
are buried under layers of misinformation and over active imagination. In time, the truth
will surface as truth always does and trying to hold it down will only pressurize it with a
grander release later.
The rest of the world openly acknowledges the existence of UFOs and their part in their
ancient history. Encounters with UFOs are recorded in ancient rock drawings, clay
tablets, sacred texts and even within the Bible. The fiery chariot Elisha ascended in, the
pillar clouds that were afire by night, the light that came out of the firmament with bronze
feet like calves that sounded like a thousand rushing rivers with fire and brimstone
coming from beneath, the wheels within wheels with flashing lights all around them and
the references to the Pleiadies, Orion, Sirius in Amos and Job, etc. all have to do with
other spiritually and technologically advanced beings. Of course there were a few
negative encounters as well from a few tyrannical groups, and those in need of genetic
material with different agendas, yet overall the contacts played an important part in the
advancement of our present society. Even many technological break throughs like the
transistor, fiber optics, microwave, etc. have now been undeniably proven to come from
back engineered technology from downed ET crashes. Top officials in all walks of life
are now coming forward with this information.
(please see "The Day After Roswell" by Philip J. Corso)
We are at a pivotal point in evolution where our technology has greatly advanced
beyond our spirituality. We have created weapons of mass destruction so powerful they
can tear the very fabric of space and destroy all life on earth affecting other planes,
dimensions and advanced civilizations living right along side of us we know not of. We
are also taking this technology into space which deeply concerns our heavenly hosts.
This is why the sightings have increased a thousand fold for they believe a planet and a
civilization is a terrible thing to waste. This however is not the focus of this article. The
focus is spiritual evolution and a process that is underway.
I was honored to be a speaker at the International UFO convention and talked about the
spiritual aspects of contact. My presentation was followed by J.J. Hurtak author of Keys
of Enoch. The genetic evolution of which he spoke followed the same information in my
books. Spiritual progression of contact by spiritually and technologically advanced
civilizations matched almost exactly what is happening here at the center. It began after
a Near Death Experience (NDE) and contact with many of the known masters from
within. This was followed by the Shekinah or feminine energies such as Mother Mary,
Quan Yin, Buffalo Calf Woman, etc. soon followed by Pleiadian and Orion contact. We
have had constant contact with Mother Mary documented with photographic evidence
on our website. Contrary to popular belief she is a universal being not owned by any
one religion.
We have video taped the ships from the Pleiadies and Orion with day and night footage
with sound. Now the enormous triangular Andromedan ships which are mythologically
known as Archangels are coming to visit. The latest encounters are with the Hathors
which are interdimensional, the apex of feminine energies traced back as far as the first
dynasty of the Egyptians. They are exquisitely beautiful and their faces are carved into
the recent temples discovered in Egypt which date back much further than the
They all carry a universal message. Their focus is universal peace, brother/sisterly love
and to honor the Creator in all creation. It is the same message handed down by every
enlightened master that ever walked the Earth. Could it be that they were the inspiration
behind the masters? Could it be that we have screwed up that message in endless
intellectual rhetoric, structured, organized and twisted it for power and control? Have we
allowed those who seek power and control throughout the various business,
governmental and religious organizations to forget the basics? Have we become too
material minded, allowed money and those who control the money to be the manifesting
force behind destiny? Have we allowed the warlords, scientists and the arms industry
creating over 68% of the worlds arms to dictate our future? Have we become too
material minded choosing competition and material acquisition seeking love, joy,
acceptance and approval through outer appearances as an unbalanced way of life? Is it
not wiser to find love, joy acceptance and approval within. Have we in our competitive
nature been willing participants turning a blind eye to actions at the expense of
humanity and the earth? Is there such a thing as impeccable integrity anymore? Could
there be a reaction and karma concerning this path? Is it not wiser to choose to be
governed through spiritual advancement rather than money and might?
Mother Mary said, "Peace shall not come through governments or religions but through
the hearts and minds of the people." Maybe it is time to choose peace, cooperation and
service in the highest good of humanity and the earth holding our governments and
religions to the same goals? Maybe our spiritually and technologically advanced visitors
have gained wisdom through their own evolution and are here to add their higher
consciousness and energy to the pot? Are they here to share some wisdom, release the
past and raise the frequencies on earth to insure the upward spiral of evolution? Could
they see something ahead like cosmic influences and events we need to prepare for?
Maybe it is all of the above? Are you curious or of fixed opinions based on recycled
ignorance, dogma and fear? Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? We
have a choice to participate in the upward spiral of evolution into Universal Peace and
Brother/Sisterly love with a strong reverence for life in all forms. The other option is the
downward spiral of separation, fear, greed and ignorance. It is a time for choosing.
From an Alien Perspective
There are many who ask the questions if there are aliens why don't they land on the
White House Lawn or during the Super Bowl. To help us understand the answer let us
look at it from an advanced alien perspective. Lets take a mythical interview from Halial
Supreme Ambassador and captain of the Galactic Confederation...
I am Halial. When we came to study Earth we found many interesting rituals we are still
trying to understand. When we first came we saw a large gathering of people sitting in a
multi level circular formation. This formation is good to unify energies and unite in a
common good. The people of Earth were all watching other Earth humans on a field of
These Earth humans divided themselves into two teams. They ran as fast as they could
and tried to inflict as much damage as possible slamming into each other over control of
a dead animal skin filled with air. The humans in the multilevel circle seemed to also be
divided cheering for one side or the other while eating what analysis has shown us to be
stuffed intestines of another animal with the meat from the animal that used to wear the
skin they were fighting over.
They also drink a depressant, a liquid that made them act real strange and pee a lot.
They also sit in the same circle and watch other Earth humans hit another stuffed
animal hide with a wooden stick then run in circles. Might be an ancient Sufi ritual. They
fight over possession of another larger inflated animal skin and toss it through a hoop.
In other places they take turns kicking it around. I wonder if they know it is already
dead? We don't understand why they would unify in a circle then divide or idolize and
fight over a dead animal skin. They seem to be obsessed with competition, domination
and control.
We decided to find the leadership of these primitive people. We went to a large round
white building that scans showed to be the center of government. We scanned to find
intelligence and integrity. What we found was corruption, dishonesty, obsessions with
drugs and sex, long histories of engaging in actions that were very harmful to humanity
and the Earth even to the point of selling arms to both sides of wars they inspired.
It seems Earth humans worship and exalt this kind of behavior because their leadership
is a reflection of this kind of behavior. In our search to find a higher authority we found
there was an elite. Several families that run everything behind the scenes. Our scans
showed them to be even more corrupt. Their lust for power and material wealth was
insatiable and they would not rest until they owned and controlled everyone and
We decided to find the protectors, those who were sworn to protect the citizens. We first
tried the military then the civilian agencies. What we found out was they were also
controlled by the elite and cooperated with the plans of the elite. Even if it meant mass
genocide or harming their own families and friends, these agencies would employ
deadly force on whoever the elite asked them too. Had to do something with an oath to
God and country. We have not yet figured out what killing the other expressions of God
have to do with God's will or how it serves the country to diminish freedom or create
pain, suffering and loss to those within the country but we think it has something to do
with worshipping dominance and control misassociating it with intelligence and power.
What we found is that there was something else people worshipped even more than
those who controlled the dead animal skin. There were these little green pieces of paper
as well. Thoughts of this little green piece of paper took up most of their thought
process. Even their actions and energies were mostly spent in acquiring these little
green pieces of paper.
What little energy was left was used for mostly unsuccessful attempts at mating. What
we also could not understand it how so many believed their survival depended on these
green pieces of paper. The elite controlled and printed these little green pieces of paper.
We found it amazing that people would trade tangible objects of value for them. They
would even destroy their environment and each other for these little green pieces of
All attempts to assist them in cleaning up the air, water and land through free energy
and other methods have been met with violent opposition. We even picked up a few
throughout history, taught them the basic universal principles necessary for a healthy
society and environment. Left them as wayshowers but they killed them and later
created a religion around them altering their message to fit their needs.
We shared with them our way which would have created a quantum leap in evolution.
Our leaders are chosen according to their spiritual awareness and dedication to service.
We honor our childrens unique purpose and give them everything they need to excel in
their gifts. They are also taught there is no separation in life, to respect all life and to
serve the Creator in all creation. They willingly share and give back to society. We have
transcended all material lack and live in abundance.
All attempts to share this knowledge has been met with violent resistance. We would
show up in our triangular ships only to find Earth humans unreachable. They were
caught up in another triangle. The victim, saviour, persector triangle. They would not
even question the role projected upon them and act it out in an endless loop.
Attempts by other benevolent off world visitors were also met with dishonesty, violence
and ill intent. It seems all the Earth human wants is advanced weaponry to evolve
further into the worship of control and dominance. We decided Earth humans were not
to be engaged but were to be isolated until further study. We quarantined the solar
system and set up beacons to warn others not to land or engage this primitive society.
Copyright James Gilliland 2000 – 2008. All rights reserved.