of 2 HVAC SPECIFICATIONS Contractor to furnish and install all

Contractor to furnish and install all labor, materials, equipment and consumables to
complete the scope of work as listed below:
1. Furnish and install all heating, venting and air conditioning systems, equipment,
parts, materials, and accessories required per the plans, specifications and all
applicable codes including but not limited to furnaces, exhaust and incline fans,
intake, supply and return ductwork, duct insulation, cabling, wiring and controls,
drain and condensing lines as needed, registers, louvers, grills and diffusers, duct
sealing, dampers, thermostats, vent and roof caps, hangers and supports, and
etcetera, unless noted otherwise.
2. Furnaces will be furnished by Habitat.
3. Provide option to install air conditioning unit furnished by Habitat.
4. Subcontractor will furnish as-built drawings as required for Energy Star V3.0.
5. Subcontractor to furnish O&M Manuals upon completion of this scope of work.
6. Subcontractor will furnish and install all dryer vents with hook-ups.
7. Subcontractor is responsible for all cutting, patching and sealing of penetrations
relating to this scope of work.
8. Subcontractor is responsible for all low voltage wiring including all motor controls
and disconnects to all HVAC equipment. Line voltage by others.
9. Subcontractor will furnish and install HVAC filters for use during construction and will
replace all filters upon substantial completion.
10. Subcontractor is responsible for balancing, testing, adjusting, protection and project
close-out requirements for all HVAC equipment. Subcontractor responsible for all
quality control and examination of HVAC equipment including but not limited to
control sequencing, report submittals, air design quantities and final air quantities,
balance reports, and etcetera.
11. Subcontractor agrees to be in full compliance with all current Energy Star
requirements. This includes but is not limited to contractor testing and certification,
HVAC design and engineered performance calculations, and passing all third party
testing requirements. In the event this subcontractor’s work is not installed per
Energy Star requirements or does not pass all Energy Star tests by a third party
rater, this subcontractor agree to provide any and all corrective work to remedy this
issue and pass the energy star testing requirements. All costs associated with these
corrective measures are the responsibility of this subcontractor.
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2022 N 39 Street
2110 N 39th Street
2111 N 39th Street
2121 N 39th Street
2122 N 39th Street
Contractor must agree to complete this scope of work by the dates listed below. Some
accommodation will be allowed for weather.
Anticipated start date: September 29, 2014
Contractor to begin mechanical rough scope of work within three days of written
or verbal notice to proceed from Habitat or within three days of the date of the
subcontract agreement, whichever is sooner.
Mechanical rough work to be completed within 5 working days.
Mechanical rough work includes all supply and return ductwork including main
and auxiliary lines, plenum install, all exhaust and intake ducting including range
hood and bath fan exhaust.
Contractor to make second trip to temp furnace within 24 hours of gas and line
voltage is installed by others. This must take place prior to drywall.
Finish work to be completed in 2 working days.
Any and all warranty calls will be responded to within one working day of
Send all bids to:
Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity
3726 N. Booth St
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212
Attn: BIDS
414.562.4440 Fax
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