Scope of work to include but not necessarily limited to the following:





Holy Family Senior Apartments

920 Tifft Street, Buffalo, NY 14220

Bid Package No. 02c Demolition– Scope of Work

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Scope of work to include but not necessarily limited to the following:

1. Specifically Specification Sections, but not limited to:

A. General Conditions of the Contract AIA Document A201




C. 00870

D. 01010

E. 01300

F. 01500

G. 01600

H. 01700

Asbestos & Lead Investigation Data

Summary of Work, DHCR Design Handbook, DHCR – Proj. Funding Sign


Materials and Equipment

I. 01720 Project Documents

J. 01730 Operations & Maintenance Data

K. 01750 Warranties

L. Removal specifications contained within the documents

Scope of work to include the following: includes all labor, materials, equipment and supervision required for, or incidental to, the completion of the Work described in the above Specifications Sections and elsewhere in the Contract Documents to include, but not limited to the following:

A. Perform all removals and proper disposal required. (Dumpsters for demo work included in this contract)

B. Items to be reused shall be carefully removed, inspected and stored in a location as directed by

Site Superintendent.

C. Includes all necessary shoring as required.

D. Includes demo of all MEP fixtures, equipment, branch runs, etc.

E. Utility shut-offs and caps by appropriate utility subcontractors.

F. Construction to proceed to maintain job progress.

The Subcontractor agrees that he has reviewed the Plans and Specifications and that this Contract amount includes the necessary modifications to comply with all applicable codes.

All work to be done in accordance with all federal, state, city and local codes and service company rules, regulations or ordinances having jurisdiction over this work including OSHA requirements. Codes shall supersede these drawings.

This Subcontractor shall adequately man the job. A full charge foreman shall be on the job at all times that work under this contract is being performed.

This Subcontractor shall coordinate his work with other trades to minimize conflicts in sequencing work and position of material.

The subcontractor agrees to clean up his portion of the work DAILY . Work areas are to be left in livable condition. This includes but is not limited to clean up and sweeping of roadways utilized to and from the site. Failure to clean up as directed by the Job Superintendent will result in a back charge to the