PowerPlus Integrated Racks

PowerPlus Integrated Racks
Turn-key Solutions for when Power Integration Matters
PowerPlus systems integrate the extended engineering, design, and packaging for turn-key, rack-based
control centers where the optimization of power distribution is an integral design objective. Marway
is a long-time supplier of fully-customized, integrated racks for industrial, commercial, and defense
applications both in the field and in support roles.
Turn-key Solutions
A Solid Power
Where critical equipment comes
together in a rack system, power
distribution usually plays a key role.
Some equipment will have specific
power conditioning requirements.
Some will have several different AC
and DC power forms. And, for some
racks, space constraints will dominate
the need for creative solutions.
Marway can address the power
engineering needs, the mechanical
and packaging design, and the
manufacturing to provide a cohesive,
completely integrated system
including power management and
the application-specific equipment.
Power management is the foundation
of the integrated rack, and we have
all the experience and resources
of Marway’s power distribution
engineering to draw from. Marway’s
pillars of power management provide
the guidance for which features and
capabilities to consider for the rack.
PowerPlus Integrated Racks can
include any or all of:
•Power distribution and multi-power
management design
•Integration of third party hardware
•Integration wiring including the
design of optimized control and
interconnect panels
•Rack enclosure selection/design
•Sub-system specification, selection,
and procurement
•Software development for PLCs
and other controllers
•Remote outlet control via HTTP/S,
Telnet, SSH over Ethernet
•Assembly and test
•Documentation and certification
This unit features multiple power sources, internal
transformer and power supplies, and integral EMI
supporession, Multiple-circuit control and power
monitoring, along with multiple interconnects
to external devices. Servicability was a key
consideration driving component access panels
and slideouts.
•Power conditioning—mitigate
facility- and internally-induced
spikes, transients, EMI, and RFI
•Power conversion—integrate AC
and DC sources, conversion
between AC and DC
•Power control—switches, breakers,
interlocks, EPO, PLCs, Ethernet
•Power monitoring—indicators,
analog and digital meters to monitor quality, capacity, and more
Quality and
•Certified AS9100 with ISO 9001
•Lockheed Star Supplier recipient
•UL / IEC 60950-1, 61010-1
•Certifications through Nationally
Recognized Testing Lab (NRTL)
when required
•Industry-specific safety compliance
and certification when required
Marway Power Solutions
1721 S. Grand Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92705
800-462-7929 • marway@marway.com
Marway has also developed systems for military
applications such as this unit destined for duty aboard
a naval ship.
NAICS 335311,
335313, 335931, 541330
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