Product Name Digital Multi-Relay

Operation Support Division
Product Name Digital Multi-Relay
New Product
The receiving / distributing power is
adequately defended for various situations.
Three elements are consolidated as one.
◆It is the best for the digitalization of the receiving /
distributing power system that replaces conventional protection
relay and the meter.
◆A high economy is achieved by consolidating the measurement,
protection, and the control.
◆The installation space can be reduced, and the board be
◆Display of measurement value and digitalization of set value
◆The installation space can be reduced without unnecessary
transducer board.
◆History display function of various failure data of accident
◆Reduction at downtime by enhancement of self-diagnosis function
◆The control source available for AC/DC.
Type DRC-06 Digital Multi-Relay
・ Current Voltage Elements Multi-Relay
・ Measurement function (with Transducer function)
Voltage(V), Current(I), Frequency(F), Power-Factor(PF)
Effective Power(W), Reactive Power(Var)
Effective Electric Energy(Wh), Reactive Electric Energy(Varh)
Zero-Phase Voltage(V0 ), Zero-Phase Current(I0)
・ Protection function
Instantaneous Over Current(50), Over Current(51)
Under-voltage(27), Over-voltage(59)
Overload alarm(49), Earth Over Current(51G)
Earth Over Voltage(64), Earth direction(67)
・ Control function
Circuit Breaker on/off control