2016 Key Dates - State Examination Commission

Key Dates 2016
J January: School term commences
April 29th:JC Completion date for Science
A January 15th: LC completion date for
Coursework, CSPE Coursework,
N Design & Communications Graphics
Religious Education Journal & Materials
Technology (Wood)
Practical Coursework
April 29th: LCA completion date for
January 11 : JC start date for Optional
Personal Reflection Task
April 29th:LC completion date for Religious
January 22nd: LCA completion date for
Education Practical Coursework Journal,
LCA Task Work (Session 1, Year 1 &
Music Higher Level Elective in Composing,
Session 3, Year 2)
History Research Study Report, Home
F February 1st – 5th: LCA assessment of
Economics Textile Studies Elective
E February task work
Coursework, Geography Coursework
B February 15th – 19th: Mid Term
May 3rd: JC completion date for Art &
Late February: Submission date for LC
Craft & Design Project
Design & Communications Graphics
Y May 3 – 13 : Monitoring of LC
Practical Coursework
Agricultural Science & Agricultural
MMarch 2nd: JC completion date for Home
A Economics Project
May 3rd – 13th: Practical Examinations in
R March 2nd: LCVP completion date for Link
LC Engineering, LC Art Craftwork, or
Modules Portfolio
Art Design, Art Imaginative Composition U
March 4 : LC completion date for
or Still Life & Art Life Sketching and LC G
Engineering Project Component
Construction Studies
March 11th: Closing date for applications
May 3rd – 13th: Start date for JC
for Reasonable Accommodations from
Metalwork Practical higher level & Art
external candidates
Craft & Design Drawing
March 11th: JC completion date for
May 4th: LCVP Link Modules Written
Optional Orals
March 18 : Closing date for applications
May 6th: Completion date for JC
for the use of Bilingual Dictionaries
Technology Project Work
April 8th: LC completion date for
May 6th: LCA final date for the return of
Agricultural Science Practical Coursework
Personal Reflection Task to the SEC
& Agricultural Economics Project Work
May 9th - 13th: LCA Practical
April 8th: Completion date for
Performance Tests
LC Technology Practical Coursework
June 7th & 13th - 17th: LCA Practical
Coursework Examination
June 7th - 17th: LC Monitoring/
Assessment of Construction Studies,
Engineering & Technology Practical
Coursework & Art Craftwork
June 7th - 17th: JC Assessment of Project
Work in Technology, Art, Craft Design &
Project Work and Practical Work in
June 8th – 24th: LC Written Examinations
June 8th – 23rd: JC Written Examinations
June 8th - 16th: LCA Written
June 13th - 17th: JC assessment of Project
Work in Materials Technology (Wood)
August 17th: Expected delivery of LC
results to schools
August 23rd: LC candidates must return
completed application forms regarding
viewing of scripts directly to schools
August 24th: Organising Superintendent
must forward the appropriate forms
pertaining to viewing of scripts to SEC
September 2nd & 3rd: LC/LCA viewing of
scripts in schools
September 7th: Closing date for receipt by
SEC of LC/LCA appeals applications
Mid September: JC & LCA Year 1
delivery of results to schools
September/October: Start date for LC
Design & Communications Graphics
Project 2017
April 8th: Return date for JC Optional
O Mid October: LC/LCA release of appeal
May 13th: LCA completion date for
Oral mark sheets
C results
Practical Coursework
April 11th – 22nd:JC Practical Tests in
May 16th – 20th: LCA Oral Examinations T During October: JC start date for 2017
Home Economics & Music
May 16th – 20th: Examining period for late Project Work in Art, Craft & Design and
April 11th – 22nd: LC Oral Tests &
Oral tests and late Practical examinations Metalwork
Practical Music Tests
in LC Music & JC Music & Home
During October: Start date for 2017 LC
April 15th: LCA completion date for
Project Work in Engineering &
LCA Task Work (Session 2 Year 1)
May 18 : LCA Information Technology
April 19th: LC Question Papers for Art,
Practical Performance and Written test
November: Closing date for receipt of JC
O applications for Reasonable
Craftwork or Art Design, Imaginative
May 20th: JC Typewriting Examination
V Accommodations 2017
Composition or Still Life and Life
May 27th: Closing date for receipt of
Sketching to be distributed to candidates
November: Start date for 2017 Project
LC/LCA applications for Reasonable
April 19th: JC Question Papers for Art,
Work in JC Materials Technology (Wood)
Accommodations for 2017
Craft & Design Drawing examinations to
& Technology & LC Construction Studies
May - June: Assessment of Project Tests
be distributed to candidates
During November: LC completion date for
in JC Environmental & Social Studies
April 22nd : LC completion date for
Home Economics Food Studies
June 7 - 10 : LC Assessment of Home
Construction Studies Project Work
Coursework 2017
April 25th – 29th: Assessment of LCA Task U Economics Social & Scientific Textile
June 7th, 2017: Start date for Certificate
Studies Elective Coursework
Work (Session 2 Year 1)
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