Brazil - Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina

Brazil - Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina
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Program Overview
UNISUL, Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina, is taking its place as
one of the most dynamic and innovative universities in Brazil. UNISUL
combines the traditional goals of a university with the most up-to-date
business approaches, dealing with global strategies, planning and strategic
action. Although UNISUL has four campuses in the State of Santa Catarina,
UNCW students will study at UNISUL’s campus located in the city center of
Program Facts
Location……………………..….....Florianopolis, Brazil
City Population………………..………...….......407,000
University Enrollment…………….............…..30,000
Program Type
Students accepted into UNISUL’s education abroad program can receive
credit towards their degree requirements for many majors. UNISUL
offers more than 40 undergraduate programs in almost 60 disciplines.
A small array of courses are taught in English. Students may also opt
to enroll in a one-month intensive Portuguese language course prior to
the start of the fall or spring semesters. Four semesters of Spanish or
two semesters of Portuguese is recommended for participants in this
Exchange and Study Abroad
Program Dates Fall
Mid-July to Mid-December
Late February to early July
Program participants may choose to share an apartment with other
students or rent an apartment individually. There are many properties
within easy commuting distance to campus, and UNISUL can provide
a long list of options for students to consider. Students can eat at the
university’s cafeteria, enjoy the area’s many fine restaurants, or shop and
cook for themselves on a reasonable budget.
Application Deadlines
Fall Semester/Academic Year................March 1
Spring Semester.................................October 1
Students are eligible to apply for this program
if they meet the following eligibility criteria:
• Degree-seeking student
• At least Sophomore standing at time of
• Good judicial standing
• 2.75 GPA at time of application
• Four semesters of Spanish or
two semesters of Portuguese is
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Student Life
Florianópolis has endless activities for students to enjoy such as playing
beach soccer, learning Capoeira (a folkloric dance/martial art), surfing, and
sandboarding. Many students also participate in cultural activities like visiting
Fonte Caldas da Imperatriz and historic Portuguese fortresses, taking a Brazilian
cooking class or learning to Samba.
Surrounding Areas
This program is available as an Exchange or as a
Study Abroad:
•Exchange – This means you pay your regular
tuition and fees to UNCW, and your room and
board abroad.
•Study Abroad – This means you pay host
university tuition and fees directly to UNISUL.
You will pay room and board costs abroad as
Florianópolis is located in the state of Santa Catarina in the southern region
of Brazil. This exceptionally beautiful city is situated on a small coastal
peninsula and a main island connected by three bridges. Florianópolis,
or Floripa as it is called by locals, is home to approximately 400,000
inhabitants. Tourism is one of the staples of Florianópolis’ economy as
many are drawn to its 40+ beaches and the mix of modern and traditional
culture. Many inhabitants and tourists consider “Floripa” to have a
singular beauty endowed with strong lines of Azorean culture, which can
be observed in its buildings, workmanship, folklore, culinary and religious
With each option, there will be additional costs
for international airfare, passport, visa, health
insurance, and local transportation. Please meet
with an advisor at the Office of International
Programs to discuss which option is best for you.
Financial Aid & Scholarships
Map & Images
Federal and state financial aid may be applied
toward this program. Even if you are normally
ineligible for financial aid, you should submit a
financial aid application (FAFSA). You may find
that you are eligible for additional funding.
UNCW students may also apply for a UNCW
Education Abroad Grant and additional study
abroad scholarships. Grant applications and
additional information are available at www.
Web Sites
UNISUL - Santa Catarina
Santa Catarina Tourism Information
UNCW Office of International Programs
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UNCW is committed to and will provide equal educational
and employment opportunity. Questions regarding program access may be
directed to the Compliance Officer, UNCW Chancellor’s Office, 910.962.3088, Fax 910.962.3483.
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