Achievement Series Online Testing Student Experience for

Achievement Series Online Testing
Student Experience for Computer Based Testing
1. Click on the Testing Icon for Restricted Mode Access (ASOT) located on the desktop
of the computer.
NOTE: Please see instructions for preparing computers for testing, if needed.
2. You may see a warning. Click RUN
3. Click Start Test
4. Enter the school’s SITE ID, Test ID, and Student ID.
● Site ID: Once this has been entered in the computer once, it should automatically
remember the SITE ID.
● Test ID: Each test has a unique test ID.
● Student ID
● Passwords for students have not been set for use with Global Scholar.
5. Read the Instructions and click Continue.
6. For each question, you may see a prompt to review the materials, If so, click on I Have
Reviewed the Materials to see the answer choices. 7. Answer each question by clicking on the bubble containing the correct answer.
Click on the x under A,B,C,D to eliminate that choice.
Click the box for Mark for Review to come back and review it at the end of the test.
7. Click on the next number
, the arrow or NEXT advance to the next question.
● The question bubble on the navigation bar will turn green once answered.
8. Continue through until all questions are answered or click Stop Test at any time.
NOTE: Stop Test allows you to pause the test and finish at another time.
9. Review all answers and click TURN IN TEST.
10. Click Start to begin another test or Exit to exit the program.