This Amateur Radio Station is given to the - NEAR

This Amateur Radio Station is given to the Young People of the State of
New Hampshire and all others who visit it by the New England Amateur
Radio Festival, Inc. (NEAR-Fest) and is dedicated in memoriam to
Gregory J. Mumley, KA1FJ (SK) and Kenneth S. Rust, KB1PRV (SK).
The New England Amateur Radio Festival would like to acknowledge
and thank the following organizations and individuals for their
cooperation and generosity without which the construction of the
Mumley-Rust Memorial Amateur Radio Station would not be possible:
ORGANIZATIONS: The Contoocook Valley Radio Club (CVRC); The Port
City Amateur Radio Club (PCARC); Kenwood USA; AMSAT; CQ and CQVHF Magazine; The Deerfield Fair Association; Ham Radio Outlet; West
Mountain Radio; Quicksilver Radio Products; Ham Source.
INDIVIDUALS: Dale P. Clement, AF1T; Yettive S. Crestohl, K1YTV;
Lawrence A. Damour, Sr, N1PHV; Ross A. Hochstrasser, W1EKG;
Joseph E. Kramas, K1JEK; Kriss A. Kliegle, KA1GJU; Miles M. Mann,
WF1F; John C. Moore, N1FOJ; Jeremy L. Muller, K0TV; Mark S. Pryde,
K1RX; Wayne W. Santos, N1CKM; Lee D. Scott, AA1YN; Peter J.
Stohrer, K1PJS; Roger B. Thompson, K1PV; Gordon V. West, WB6NOA.
The New England Amateur Radio Festival: H. Michael Crestohl, W1RC;
Gary A. Burrows, W2INR; Timothy M. Smith, WA1HLR; Michael N.
Raisbeck, K1TWF;
Edward J. Anderson, N1IWV;
Clement P.
Beauregard, VE2BIA; Paul R. DePetrillo, W1PRA; Todd D. Bigelow,
KA1KAQ; John M. Goran, K1JJS; John A. Rogers, K1WIZ and the
thousands of amateur radio operators, enthusiasts and their friends
who attend this event at Deerfield NH every May and October.
Dedicated at Concord New Hampshire this 14th Day of February, 2011.
DETAILED LIST OF DONORS as of February 14th 2011.
Kenwood USA - Kenwood TS-2000 Transceiver.
Cal WA1WOK/Ham Radio Outlet, Salem NH - Astron Power Supply.
Gordon West, WB6NOA and the W5YI Group - Amateur Technician Class Study
West Mountain Radio - CLRspkr DSP loudspeaker.
Joe, K1JEK/The Port City Radio Club - Several tower sections as well as the
manpower and expertise erecting the tower and installing the antennas and
John Moore, N1FOJ, CVRC "El Presidente": - Dual digital clock, LCD computer
monitor and a set of Vibroplex Deluxe Square Racer Morse Code keyer paddles.
Lee, AA1YN - Coaxial cable antenna feed line.
Ned, KA1CVV and John, N1OLO at Ham Source - RigBlaster Pro, Rig Runner and
a Power Pole insertion tool.
John, N1GNV/Quicksilver Radio Products - Anderson Power Pole connectors.
Martha/AMSAT - One year AMSAT membership.
The CVRC provided the station with an HF vertical antenna and has pledged to
provide the consumable items such as QSL cards, magazine subscriptions, books,
etc to the station on a ongoing basis.
Gail, K2RED, CQ and CQ-VHF Managing Editor is sending the DC two-year
subscriptions to both CQ and CQ-VHF magazines.
NEAR-Fest provided the furniture, M2 VHF and UHF antenna system, Yaesu
rotator and control box, desktop computer and an LG 22" flat panel monitor so
visitors may view slow-scan television images from the International Space
Station as well as amateur radio promotional videos.
Don Curtis, N1ZIH – Surge suppressor.
Mike Raisbeck, K1TWF arranged for the Discovery Center to receive a year’s
subscription to QST Magazine.