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Issue: November, 2013
“Mr. Hackett brought out the best in all of us. He believed in us when we didn’t believe in ourselves.”
KCITI student from the slums of Nairobi
Kenya Christian Industrial Training Institute
“Quality Technical Education at Affordable Fees”
This month our newsletter features KCITI, the Christian vocational – technical
college in Nairobi, Kenya.
KCITI is a generous benefactor and good neighbor to the church in Kenya. Four
congregations worshipping in different languages; as well as the Somali outreach,
youth outreach, Bible correspondence course office, and the IPCM preachers
training school all share the KCITI compound and facilities.
As an educational and benevolent mission sponsored by Christians, KCITI was
responsible for transforming the critical masses of Kenya by introducing
computer, electronics, and related studies to the country’s intelligent, but
disadvantaged youth.
Over the years, as with many non-profit, faith-based institutions in Africa, it
became apparent that tuition alone could not sustain KCITI’s development. An
easy solution, one sought by many Christian colleges and universities, even in the
USA, was to appeal to Caesar, to ask the government to take a financial role. But
to go to “Egypt” for help was not the KCITI way. For God’s people there is always
too high a price to pay in compromised ideals and purposes.
Shortly before his death, literally days, Berkeley was working on the idea of a
foundation or more informally a “Friends of KCITI”. This was to be a “think tank”,
as much as anything else, a voluntary organization of Christians, who had hearts
to serve humanity, especially young people, and to uplift them both spiritually
and educationally.
Coming from chapel services. KCITI welcomes students from every race, tribe and
creed. Bible classes and daily chapel are a part of the curriculum along with a variety of
technical courses. Certificates and diplomas are awarded, not degrees.
Berkeley’s legacy continues at KCITI. He believed that education, on its own, did not profit a
person in the light of eternity, but must be accompanied by a knowledge and respect for
“every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”
KCITI at last month’s education fair
Top Left & Below – All across Africa, old things from umbrellas to cars are mended, reworked,
and kept in use. At KCITI, every automotive engineering class tears down and puts together a
car chassis and live engine. The department needs more than one live engine, and also,
different types of engines.
International automobile manufacturers have programs to provide materials and tools to
technical schools which specialize in training disadvantaged youth, but we don’t know how to
make these contacts. If you do, please be our heroes and speak to these companies and
organizations for us!
Top Right – Computers and agriculture –This term’s ITC students wrote a program for agribusiness. Kenya is a farming country, every farmer or hard-working farmer’s wife needs to be
computer literate to keep up with business.
Congratulations KCITI/NCCE
Great Thanks to Our Heavenly Father,
Healing Hands International and All Our Supporters!!
We now have a water well, our own independent source of water! This is a major
achievement that we have desired for years. The drillers say it is the best strike they have
made on this side of Nairobi.
Water struck at 210 meters – 689 feet
Hole diameter is 215 mm
Expected discharge – 11,000 litres per hour
With pump set at 180 meters below the surface
WE CAN DREAM - with an adequate water supply we hope to turn the unfinished top floor of
the Bible building into on-campus housing for the IPCM students.