Penguin Night Light #3353 USER`S GUIDE

Penguin Night Light #3353
For Technical Support:
Call our Technical Service Department
Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST)
1-800-TEC-TOYS or 1-800-832-8697
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Soothing choices!
This switch adapted night light is easy to customize. Choose from
three different light show slides and either classical music, lullabies, or
nature sounds. Also select music only, music and projection or
projection only. Size: 7½"W x 9¼"H x 3"D. Requires 3 C Batteries.
Weight: 1½ lbs.
Switch Use:
5. Plug your external capability switch (Not Included) into either the
music jack or the nature sounds jack the 1/8" jacks are located on
the left and right back side of the unit. Make sure you plug your
switch all the way in. There should be no gaps.
1. Penguin Night Light requires 3 C batteries (Not included). Use
alkaline batteries only (e.g. Duracell or Energizer brand). Do not
use rechargeable batteries or any other type of batteries because
they supply lower voltage and the unit will not perform properly.
2. To install the batteries, turn the unit over to reveal the battery
compartment cover. Using a Phillips head screwdriver unscrew
and remove battery cover, next install 3 C batteries into the
compartment. Please note to follow proper (+) & (-) battery
polarity. Replace cover and screw.
On the side of the unit, set the ON/OFF/Volume switch to low or
high volume. At the top back of the projector you can slide in one
of 3 colorful slides to be projected by turning the dial on the front
to music and light or light only. Slide #1 is high contrast to
encourage focusing & face recognition. Slide #2 projects
butterflies that gently move & encourage eye-tracking skills. Slide
#3 more complex & colorful to keep attention.
The center dial has 3 settings, music, music and light and light
only. Pressing the green button or activating your external switch
will start the music playing and will continue to play through the
classical music and lullabies (music can vary) up to 20 minutes.
Each time you press on the music button or your external switch
the song will change. Pressing the blue sound button or activating
your external switch will play nature sounds. To prolong battery
life switch to OFF during periods of non-use.
Problem: Penguin Night Light does not turn on when switch is
Action #1: Make sure the ON/OFF/Volume switch is turned ON.
Action #2: Make sure that you press all connections all the way in.
Any gaps will interrupt electrical connection.
Action #3: Make sure batteries are fresh.
Action #4: Try a different switch with Penguin Night Light to rule it
out as the source of the problem.
Care of Unit:
Penguin Night Light can be wiped clean with any household multipurpose cleaner and disinfectant. We recommend Simple Green, which
is a non toxic biodegradable all-purpose cleaner.
Do not submerge the unit, as it will damage the contents and the
electrical components.
Do not use abrasive cleaners, as they will scratch the surface of the
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