Science and materials technology is becoming increasingly

Science and materials technology is becoming increasingly important as there
is a growing focus on looking after the planet and its resources, and reducing
the amount of pollution that we release into the environment.
Developments in technology in areas such as the thermal properties of
housing and commercial buildings, material recycling, sustainability and
green technology help to achieve this. An understanding of science and
materials can greatly educate us in the selection, use and properties of a
material for incorporation into a design that is both aesthetic and efficient.
Materials are developing to keep pace with technology developments.
The manufacturing processes involved in materials now have to
encompass recycling, embedded energy and the effects of carbon
This unit looks at the materials used for construction and their
engineering properties, which involves analysing the forces within the
materials enabling a design to be safely constructed. The performance
criteria for materials will be explored along with the manufacturing
processes associated with some common construction materials.
Material properties will be analysed and we will look into their modes
of failure and study how that can be prevented.
Learning outcomes
After completing this unit you should:
Know the basic factors that affect human comfort
Understand how forces act on structures
Know the performance criteria applicable to construction materials
and the techniques used to produce such materials
5. Understand construction materials and the techniques used to
prevent their deterioration
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