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Communications, Control, And Computing Technologies For
Energy Internet
NERGY CRISISand carbon emission have become two issues of serious concern universally. As a feasible solution, the
concept of the Energy Internet has aroused global interest. The emerging Energy Internet is a new vision of power
infrastructure with the evolution of smart grids into the Internet. The communication infrastructure is an essential component
to the implementation of emerging architecture for the Energy Internet. A scalable and permanent communication infrastructure
is crucial in both construction and operation of Energy Internet. Initial research has started to appear and a research community
is starting to build around the integration and interaction between Energy Internet and other advanced power and networking
technologies, potential applications and related fields of big data and security.
In this special section, we would like to invite researchers who are working on related research issues to contribute high quality
papers to further advance people’s understanding of the relationship among Energy Internet, target applications and advanced
technologies. We welcome both original practical work and review papers.
Topics of interest for big data computing include, but are not limited to the following:
? State estimation in Energy Internet
? Fault detection in Energy Internet
? Situational awareness in Energy Internet
? Renewable generation forecasting in Energy Internet
? Load forecasting in Energy Internet
? Price prediction in Energy Internet
? Demand response and load scheduling in smart grid
? Vehicle-to-grid technology
? Micro-grid operation and optimization
? Smart buildings and smart cities
? Services and applications for Energy Internet
? Security and privacy issues in Energy Internet
? Big data computing for Energy Internet
Note: This SS is supported by the IES Technical Committee on Cloud and Wireless Systems for Industrial Applications. Selected
good quality papers will be considered for publication in IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics subject to further rounds
of review.
• Ict
• Technical Issues Of Smart Grids Architectures Protection Voltage And Current Regulation Power Quality Demand Side Response Energy Dispatching Optimization Methods
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