May/June Topics ELA-­‐ Unit 6: Reading: Non-­‐fiction Research Across Text Sets. Writing: Persuasive Essays Math –Data Display and Measures of Center; Variability and Data Distributions Science-­‐ Interactions of Life Social Studies-­‐ Middle Ages
May/June Dates 2016 5/6 Parents as Learning Partners 5/14 Family Movie Night 5/27 Career Day 5/30 Memorial Day No School 6/3 Parents as Learning Partners 6/9 No school for students (Chancellor’s Conference day) 6/14 No School for students (Staff Clerical Day) 6/24 Grade 5 & 6 Graduation 6/28 ½ Day for Students (Last day of school) ELA – In writing, students will raise the level of their persuasive essay writing by strengthening their structure, studying mentor texts, and including research to make their writing more convincing. This writing unit parallels with our reading unit where students will work in research clubs and debate issues. Students will support their ideas with details and examples directly from their research. Mrs Sawicki
Ms. Barash
Students will explore how living things interact with one another in many ways. Relationships may be harmful, beneficial, or competitive. We will also study the issue of pollution. Pollution has had a cumulative environmental effect on such things as acid rain and global warming. Therefore the good health of environments and individuals requires monitoring and steps to keep them same. Math
Chapter 12-­‐ Data Display and Measures of Center. Chapter 13-­‐ Variability and Data Distributions. We will be describing data collection and using Dot Plots and Frequency Tables, and Histograms. We will also explore the effects of Outliers. We will investigate Mean, Median, Mode, Absolute Deviation and Measures of Variability. We continue to use math checklists and exit tickets as a self-­‐assessment tool for the children. Social Studies
Students will investigate the middle ages. They will choose and produce a product type that they will share. We will use debate, speech, learning centers, scale models, technology, visual presentations and written work to demonstrate our knowledge of the middle ages. We will also be taking a trip to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. Please visit our school website for Parent Guides and more information!