Design Challenge – Remote Control Holder

Design in Wood, Metal – Moderation Task 2006
Design Challenge – Remote Control Holder
Design and make a remote control holder for the giftware, souvenir market.
The product should be capable of holding a number of TV, CD, amplifier, tuner, DVD remote
control devices.
This work is to be undertaken in groups of 3. The remote control must retail for less than $30.00.
Your group is to produce 5 items complete with sketches, diagrams, pictures, catalogues etc.
Begin by generating ideas, innovative, fresh, quirky, whimsical, thoughtful, funny solutions that are
eye catching and saleable. They can increase your interest and significantly increase your sale
Consider shape, colour, texture, flow, rhythm, function and form. These are design elements.
Your group must identify two of the design elements listed above and explain in your own words
using pictures, sketches, and words why you have include them in your project.
Each group must complete the following activities for assessment:
6 freehand sketches
3 carefully sketched and rendered pictures
A 10 minute oral and verbal presentation
A 1 page procedure list
Journal- “a diary of achievement”
Produce 5 saleable products
1 page evaluation
During the course of this unit logon to This web site contains a
comprehensive range of woodworking equipment and supplies that will help your decision making.
Batch Production
Tasmanian tourism is currently at an all time high and there is an increasing demand for quality
products. Tourist attractions across Tasmania are seeking innovative, fresh craft items for the
souvenir and giftware market.
Batch production requires careful planning, organisation, structure, logic, accuracy and costing. It
is quite often necessary to make a “mockup” before launching into a production run. This ensures
that you complete the project in the right order and don’t waste valuable time and resources.
• Brainstorming, ideas generation, drawing, video footage/editing and DVD burning.
• Material techniques, selection, cutting, taping, dyeing, pressing, sanding, spraying
• Patternmaking, template construction, shaping and spindle moulding
• Edge treatment, arris, hand tools, profiles, enamels, lacquers, stains
• Hardware, mechanisms, components, hooks, clasps, (see catalogues)
Assessment Date
Assessment will occur every second Friday