3.16x10 W/cm - Discovery Education

A breakthrough digital textbook that
engages students in real-world problems
while building lasting proficiency.
Discovery Education
Math Techbook
»»Uses an inquiry-based
instructional approach
»»Aligns to rigorous standards
»»Balances conceptual
understanding, procedural
fluency, and application to
relevant problems
3.16x10 W/cm
Worth Solving
»»Provides real-time data to
support differentiation
»»Supports students of
different abilities
Courses and Pricing
»»Grades 6, 7, and 8
$45 per student
»»Algebra I, Geometry,
and Algebra II
$55 per student
»»Integrated Math I, II, and III
$55 per student
Based on a six-year license and
includes professional development.
Shorter or longer license terms
available as well as additional
professional development.
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Learning Math
­starts with a connection
Discovery Education Math Techbook,™
the latest in our series of digital textbooks,
fundamentally changes the way students
and teachers experience math.
What’s in it for teachers?
“The biggest distinguishing factor about
Math Techbook is how it saves teachers time.
It allows them to receive and respond to
student answers instantaneously, better
assess student performance, and identify
if someone is falling behind.”
Jeff Baugus,
Dean and Math Department Chair,
Santa Rosa County School District, FL
Excites Students with
Problems Worth Solving
Students explore and investigate to connect math
to the real world. They make sense of math
on their own, with teacher support, so that they
understand concepts deeply.
Engages Students with
Rich Digital Content
With Math Techbook, math is not a spectator
sport. Students use interactives, gamelike activities, videos, embedded tools, and
investigations that bring the world of math into
classrooms in ways never before possible.
Empowers Students of all Abilities
The Discover, Practice, Apply cycle enables
students to solve problems in more than one way
using more than one modality. The “Coach” and
“Play” features provide scaffolded support and
instant feedback so students can quickly monitor
their own progress. Students can highlight text,
have text read aloud, and add their own sticky
notes to solidify their understanding.
Saves Teachers Time
The all-in-one design includes model lessons, a
wide array of real-world problems and teacher
notes. The notes include tips for classroom
discussion, as well as ways to demonstrate
mathematical practices.
Helps Teachers Differentiate
Formative assessments are built throughout the
instructional cycle. Together with technology
enhanced items, they provide real-time data in
easy-to-read dashboards.
Platform Neutral
Works on any device and in a 1:1 classroom or
1: many environment.
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