Rectangular cross-section for improved flow performance

Lonza FlowPlate ®
ART® Reactors
Miprowa ®
Miprowa® for
volume flows up to
2,000 Liter per hour
Rectangular cross-section
for improved flow performance
Because Miprowa ® is a masterly scale-up concept.
Sophisticated reactions that require excellent heat transfer,
flexibly responsive to customers’ wishes, superlative scaling
factor coupled with high cost-efficiency – that’s Miprowa®.
You need a technical solution for a new application, or you’re
This market-leading technology is incorporated in highperformance reactors, which we, Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik BTS,
offer exclusively worldwide.
changing some process conditions? Our high-performance
devices can be customised to suit you – thanks to their flexible
modularity. Miprowa® sets new standards in terms of quick
and easy scale-up: these compact devices effortlessly master
flow rates of up to several 10 m3 per hour.
What’s so special about it? The secret of Miprowa® is the
This means Miprowa® offers companies in the chemical
rectangular channels on a millimetre scale. The inserts inside
can be positioned on top of each other in several layers to
form a finely-meshed flat grid, and can be varied specifically
to suit the requirements of the product involved: you have
some sophisticated temperature control tasks to be handled,
for example? The Miprowa® technology does this for you with
a significantly higher heat transfer rate than conventional
devices, and well-nigh ideal temperature control.
industry the key to smart production operations. Because they
can optimise not only their processes engineering, but also
the return-on-investment period for their equipment purchase.
A welcome additional benefit: sensitive substances are
gently handled thanks to short residence times and low wall
Scale-up with Miprowa®
Miprowa ®
Miprowa ®
Miprowa ®
0.6 – 15 L /h
0.6 – 150 L /h
up to 10 m 3 /h
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Our Miprowa ® series subsumes:
All the advantages at a glance: Miprowa® devices
Miprowa® Lab – with a channel cross-sectional area of
12 x 1.5 mm2, this version possesses precisely the right
features for the laboratory scale, in order to develop a new
product, with equally efficacious options for developing and
optimising your processes. This versatile laboratory reactor
is available both as an interfacing module for the Modular
MicroReaction System (MMRS) or as a stand-alone device.
perform better compared to established technologies
excel in terms of quick and easy scalability
offer multifaceted applicational options,
thanks to modularised versatility
are optimally suited for fast, severely exothermic
and endothermic reactions
are persuasively cost-efficient in regard to an
optimisable return-on-investment period
The larger Miprowa® Matrix devices for the pilot plant and
Miprowa® Production handle a bandwidth of combinable
temperature control, dispersing and mixing jobs, with
throughputs of several tons an hour. With a channel crosssectional area of 18 x 3.2 mm2 (or also 12 x 1.5 mm2 ), these
reactors excel in terms of mechanical sturdiness and easy
are made of materials like stainless steel and Hastelloy ®,
compact, sturdy and easy to maintain
are an attractive option for companies operating in sectors
like fine and specialty chemicals, petrochemicals, polymer
chemicals, plus the food, beverage and cosmetics industries
Optimum temperature
monitoring for highly exothermic
reactions: The special model
with a small channel scale for
the pilot phase makes it possible.
Technical Specifications:
Channel cross section
12 x 1.5 mm
Number of channels*
up to ~ 500
Conduction of flow*
Channel lengths
12 x 1.5 mm²
18 x 3.2 mm²
12 x 1.5 mm²
18 x 3.2 mm²
300 mm
300/600 mm
600/1,200 mm
300/600 mm
600/1,200 mm
7.5 ... 30 mL
4.5 ... 22 mL
23 ... 66 mL
up to ~ 3.5 L
up to ~ 22 L
Max. diameter at narrowest position
400 µm
400 µm
1,000 µm
400 µm
1,000 µm
Max. pressure process medium
(at 200 °C)
30 bar
32 bar
16 bar
32 (150) bar***
16 (70) bar***
up to ~ 750 L/h
Process volume*/**
Temperature range****
-20 ... 200 °C
Volume flows*****
~ 0.6 ... 15 L/h
~ 0.6 ... 45 L/h
~ 3 ... 150 L/h
Retention time
~ 2 s ... 6 min
~ 1 s ... 4.5 min
~ 2 s ... 1.3 min
-60 ... 400 °C
up to ~ 10 m3 /h
few s ... few min
-20 ... 200 °C
Per reactor core; Lab and Matrix: reduction via flanges possible/
Production: series connection of several cores possible
Depending on installed flow inserts; given values valid for standard type
Maximum values in brackets
Extension down to -50 °C and up to 250 °C on request
R ough estimation – strongly depending on the process conditions
Status August 2014. We reserve the right to changes and errors. Illustrations and drawings are only approximately determinant.