Complete the following design task:

Complete the following design task:
Refer to the inter network connections in fig 24.8 of your text.
Part A
Assign new appropriate network, host and router IP addresses as per following specifications:
The ring network have class A type addresses
The three bus networks have class A, B and C addresses. Note that you must change the class type
from its existing type in the text
Part B
Modify fig.24.8 so that your class A bus network has 2 bus subnet and 1 ring subnet with at least 4 hosts on
each. Choose appropriate site address, subnet mask, subnetwork addresses, host addresses, and router
addresses. While assigning addresses to subnets you must have provisions for future expansions as per the
following specifications.
at least 300 hosts on each subnet
at least 36 subnets in that site
After you have assigned addresses to the subnet identify the maximum number of the following:
total hosts you can have in each of your subnet design? Explain.
total subnets you can have in your design? Expalin.
You need to draw the network diagrams using electronic tools (e.g. WORD). You need to bring with you the
printed solution of your assignment during the class on Tuesday (April 2). You should also bring the
electronic version on a disk.