Summer Additional Compensation Form for Academic Year Faculty

Summer Additional Compensation Form for Academic Year Faculty
University of Massachusetts - Amherst
The purpose of this form is to grant approval and authorize payment for additional compensation during the period between
commencement and August 31 for faculty members who have academic year (9-month) appointments. Refer to the Additional
Compensation Policy and guidelines on Division of Human Resources website. Submit the completed form to the Division of
Human Resources. Calculation for additional compensation will be based on faculty members’ annual salary at the end of the
spring semester.
Section A:
Employee Name __________________________________
Employee ID ________________
Faculty Title ___________________________
Home Dept. Name ______________________
Funding Dept. Name ______________________
Appointment Period _________ to _________
Annual Salary (FTE) _____________
AMOUNT Biweekly _______________
TOTAL _____________________
HR Acct Code ___________
Dept. ID ______________
Type of Funds:
Fund _________
Project/Grant _________________
Principal Investigator Signature
Federal/State Grant/Contract
NSF –( limit 2 months )
Private Grant/Contract
Is total summer additional compensation expected to exceed 2.5 months of annual salary from Federal and/or State
sources? Yes _______ No ________
If yes, then the PI must follow the Summer Effort Waiver Procedures and complete the Academic Year Faculty Summer
Salary Waiver Request Form available at .
If total summer additional compensation is at 3 months of annual salary, by signing this form, you acknowledge and agree
that you are not eligible for vacation time.
Description of research services: _________________________________________________
Approved By (per or initialed signatures not accepted):
Department Head/Director
__________________________ __________
Prepared By _____________________________ Phone __________ Date __________
Section B: To be completed by the Home Department (if different than funding department)
Department Head/Director
________________________ __________
Section C Approved by Human Resources and Controller’s Office
HRS Use Only:
Controller’s Office:
Act Code ____________ Amount_______________ Date _______ Approved By ___________________
University of Massachusetts – Amherst – Additional Faculty Compensation Guidelines
Conditions and Requirements:
Faculty members of the University of Massachusetts may receive additional compensation under the following
circumstances and conditions.
Any activities undertaken for additional compensation may not interfere with faculty member’s satisfactory disposition of
his or her regular assignments and responsibilities.
The period of performance listed for the additional compensation during the summer period must coincide with the time
period of work performed.
Faculty may engage in as much extra for additional compensation as is consistent with maintaining a satisfactory
disposition of their obligations to the University, as defined and monitored by the department chair and the dean of the
school/college. It is the responsibility of the department chair and the dean to ensure that faculty meet their regular
obligations to the institution.
Additional compensation funded from federal-funded research must be consistent with federal rules and regulations and is
limited to 2.5 months of annual base salary. NSF research is limited to 2 months of faculty member’s annual base
Faculty may receive additional compensation in excess of these limits for privately-funded research at rates negotiated
and budgeted with the research sponsor, if they don’t receive compensation from federal or state funds in the calendar
year (attach budget page from private award). Approval of the Provost, with concurrence of the Chancellor, is required.
Faculty member must receive approval for a wavier of the 2.5 month limit on federal and state sponsored projects
before they can receive compensation beyond the 2.5 month limit. The approved wavier form must be attached to
the Additional Compensation Form. See
Academic Year Faculty Summer Salary Waiver Request Form at
Rates of pay for teaching or related services (such as course development) are established by the unit sponsoring the
programs with the approval of the Chancellor or President (as appropriate).
No faculty member may accept additional duties or additional compensation that would bring him or her into conflict with
Chapter 268A of the General Laws and ethics statute.
Written approval of the department chair and the dean are required before a faculty member may engage in any activity
for additional compensation.
The Additional Compensation Form for faculty must be completed and signed by the department that is funding
the additional service provided by the faculty member. The signatures of the Principal Investigator’s supervisor
(not less than the Department Chair) are required when applicable. The faculty member’s home department
reviews the request and fills out Section B of the form. Once the form has been completed and approved by all
parties, it should be submitted to Human Resources.
Revised July 18, 2011