The Russian Technologies State Corporation
Designed to assist Russian organisations-developers
and manufacturers of high technology industrial
products in their development, production and
exports by providing support in domestic and foreign
markets and attracting investments to different
industries including defence industrial complex.
The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian
Federation (Minpromtorg of Russia)
It is a federal executive body with policy-making and
regulatory functions in civil and defense industries, as
well as in aviation technology development,
technical regulation and standardization, science
and technology for national defense and security,
foreign and domestic trade.
United Industrial Corporation
Corporation, a Russian Technologies State
Corporation company, is a diversified industrialinvestment group in the engineering and high
technologies sectors
Russian Railways
National rail carrier of the Russian Federation. The
Russian Railways operate over 86,000 km (53,000 mi)
of common carrier routes as well as a few hundred
kilometers of industrial routes, making it the second
largest network in the world exceeded only by the
United States. The Railways also are one of the
largest companies in the world employing 950,000
people and is also a monopoly within Russia.
Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation
State institution with 126 members created in 2005 in
Russia to analyze draft legislation and monitor the
activities of the parliament, government and other
government bodies of Russia and its Federal
JSC ''Atomenergomash''
Group of Companies (JSC Atomenergomash, AEM
Group, AEM), the machine-building division of the
State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom, is one of
leading power machine-building companies in
Russia's largest automaker that has representative
offices in 46 countries.
JSC ''Sukhoi''
Russia’s major aircraft holding company, employing
more than 26,000 people. 100% of stock of the Sukhoi
Aviation Holding Company (JSC) belongs to the
United Aircraft Corporation (JSC). The Company
supports a complete cycle of work in aircraft
engineering: from front end engineering to
comprehensive aftersales support.
Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Gas-Turbine
Engineering Research and Production Center “Salut”
One of the largest Russian producers of aircraft
Moscow State Technological University “Stankin“
(MSTU Stankin)
One of the leading Russian technical institutes
founded in 1930. STANKIN is an abbreviation from
Stanko-Instrumentalniy, what means machines and
instruments. But now STANKIN trains specialists in
much more areas than machinery.
Bauman Moscow State Technical University
Bauman University is the oldest and largest Russian
technical university offering B.S., M.S. and PhD
degrees in various engineering fields and applied
sciences. Bauman University is the second oldest
educational institution in Moscow after Lomonosov
Moscow State University
State Corporation ''Bank for Development and
Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank)''
Vnesheconombank operates to diversify the Russian
economy, boost its competitive edge and
encourage investment activity. The Bank for
Development is responsible for providing investment,
foreign economic, insurance and consultative
support for projects in Russia and abroad aimed at
developing infrastructure, innovations, special
economic zones, environment protection, providing
support for exports of Russian products, works and
services as well as supporting small and mediumsized enterprises.
Izhevsk State Technical University
Izhevsk State Technical University was founded in
1952. The training for Bachelor's Degree, Chartered
Engineer's Degree and Master's Degree is carried out
in 83 specialities and trends. The University also offers
some supplementary courses, including refreshment
courses, probation and professional retraining. More
than 20,00 students study at 13 faculties.
Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
It was named after N.E. Zhukovsky (TsAGI) was
founded on December 1, 1918 under the initiative
and leadership of N.E. Zhukovsky, the father
of Russian Aviation. Today TsAGI is the largest
scientific research center in the world. Under the
Russian Federation Government Decree
No.247 of March 29, 1994 TsAGI was designated
a State Research Center.
The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia
The FNPR union movement represents 23 million
members, accounting for nearly 95% of all union
membership in Russia. It is a voluntary federation of
46 national unions and 78 regional associations of
trade union organizations.
National Research Irkutsk State technical University
One of the largest technical universities in Russia,
founded in 1930. ISTU ranks 1st among regional
universities of Russia according to an independent
rating of "Business Russia" for 2008. In June 2010, the
University entered the "Association of the leading
universities" of Russia.
JSC Central Research Institute “Berevestnik”
It is a leading Russian enterprise in the field of Army
and Navy Artillery that cooperates with more than
140 industrial companies and DoD agencies;
It completes cycle of artillery system development
starting with the idea and up to the serial
The Russian Presidential Academy of National
Economy and Public Administration
It was established in 1977 and has since become a
leading educational and research center in Russia
the area of public policy. ANE delivers business and
educational programs and trains civil servants,
entrepreneurs, managers, financiers, and lawyers.
ANE’s teaching excellence manifested itself through
the successes of over its 100,000 graduates. Among
the Academy’s graduates are presidents of the
Newly Independent States in the post-soviet area,
prime ministers and ministers, famous financiers and
leaders of the Russia industrial sector.
Russian Venture Company
RVC is a government fund of funds and a
development institute of the Russian Federation, one
of Russia's key tools in building its own national
innovation system.
SOLVER Engineering Company
SOLVER is a Russian Engineering and Consulting
Company which was established in 1993. The
number of employees is 300 people. Its staff consists
of certified specialists with many years’ experience in
machine building production: Project Managers,
Management Consultants, Designers and Engineers,
Service Engineers, etc. SOLVER primary course of
activity is to create efficient business of machine
building enterprises.
Laboratory of Nonlinear Strength and Fracture
Strength analysis at large deformations,
mechanics and strength at phase,
transformations under finite strains, strength of
solids made of materials which properties are
changed at loading, strength analysis of
solids which parts are removed,
development of numerical and analytical
computational methods.
JSC "FINVAL" provides integrated industrial
companies with metalworking equipment, industrial
equipment and tools.
"Corporation Parus"
It is one of Russia's largest developer of automated
information-analytical systems for the sector of Public
Administration, as well as for business.
Trainings, teambuilding and business games,
Autodesk is a world leader in 3D design, engineering,
and entertainment software
It is a dynamic company employing 600 highly
qualified specialists. The company operates
60 offices and dealer centers in major industrial
regions worldwide. Each branch office provides a full
range of services in software implementation, IT
consulting, personnel training, software integration,
and support.
Togliatti Academy of Management
It is a university in Togliatti, providing management
training for different fields.
All-Russian Trade Association of Employers' Union of
enterprises and organizations to ensure rational use
of natural resources and protection of the