Kings of israel Why have a king? King Saul chosen by Samuel

Kings of israel
Why have a king?
King Saul
chosen by Samuel
displeased God by disobeying commands
Kings of Israel
King David
chosen by God, anointed in secret
taxed Israelites to expand Jerusalem, build temple
remembered as Israel’s greatest king
kings of israel
King Solomon
David’s son
built temple in Jerusalem
disliked by many
Israel and judah
Kingdom of Israel
capital: Samaria
ten of twelve tribes
Kingdom of Judah
capital: Jerusalem
Fall of israel
Israel conquered by Assyrians
722 BCE
lost tribes of Israel
fall of judah
Judah conquered by Egypt
620 BCE
Conquered by Chaldeans
605 BCE
Jews and Egyptians rebel
babylonian captivity
Chaldean invasion of Judah
597 BCE
Jews punished, sent to Babylon
Failed revolt
Jerusalem crushed, temple destroyed
return to judah
Chaldeans defeated by Persians
538 BCE Jews permitted to return
Rebuilding of Jerusalem
New leaders: priests, scribes
Torah written
Alexander the Great
defeated Persians in 331 BCE
allowed Jews to stay in Judah
Hebrew Bible translated to Greek
168 BCE
...and romans
Roman conquest of Judah
63 BCE
renamed Judaea
King Herod
known for cruelty, changes to temple
Jewish king replaced by Roman official
Revolts agains the romans
Pharisees, Sadducees, and Essenes
First revolt
66 CE, lead by the Zealots
Romans retook Jerusalem in 70 CE
Second revolt
132 CE
judaism in the diaspora
Yohanan ben Zakkai
Jewish lifestyle