Planning Sub Meet and Confer Unapproved Minutes November 22, 2004

Planning Sub Meet and Confer
Co-Chairs Jim Grabowska and Mark Johnson
Unapproved Minutes
November 22, 2004
Sean McGoldrick presented specific samples of actions taken to fulfill goals of the master
plan: parking, signage, access, gateways, card access, Ostrander, and the student athletic
facility. Signage and the gateways generated a lot of conversation, in particular about
iconic imagery that might be used at the four planned gateways. The use of arches was of
particular interest.
The presentation by Don Larsson on HLC was postponed to the Dec. meeting.
There was some discussion about what Planning can contribute to the creation of an icon
that may be used to help answer the question that we posited at the beginning of the year
about what MSU will look like and what type of university will we be in X years.
Members present: Grabowska, Iseminger, Schwinghammer, Wood, McGoldrick,
Marg, Stallkamp, Weber, Peterson, Frey, Scott Johnson
The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, 12/6.