Off Campus Volunteer Request Form

Off Campus Volunteer Request Form
Thank you for interest in providing volunteer opportunities for our students! Please fill out the form
below with as much information as possible. Once students have signed up for your event, the Kearney
International Center will be sending you a list of interested volunteers in an excel spreadsheet. We ask
that you keep track of the amount of hours that each volunteer has worked and email the sheet back to no later than three days following the event. Should you have any
questions or concerns, please contact the Kearney International Center Graduate Assistants at 507-3891281.
Name of Event:
What is the date of the event? :
What is the end time of the event? :
What is the start time of the event?:
If the event is planned through an organization, what is the name of the organization?:
Tasks volunteers will perform:
Please provide a specific description of what volunteers will be expected to do.
Are there any special skills the volunteers need or requirements that volunteers must know about or
follow in order to complete the task?:
Coordinator's name:
Please provide the name of the person whom students will be checking in with at the event and checking out with when the
task is complete
Coordinators Phone:
Coordinator's Email Address:
Location of the Event:
Number of Volunteers needed:
Is transportation provided to and from the event? :