Youth Civic Engagement in Local Government Adult board members Hi:

Youth Civic Engagement in Local Government
Adult board members
My name is ___________ I am conducting interviews as part of a program
supported by University of Wisconsin-Extension. I would like to ask you some questions
that will help us understand your perspective about resources the value of the program we
are working on. We will not connect your name to your answers and you will not be
individually identified in any report prepared. We will add your ideas and perspectives to
others we interview to help us better understand and develop this Extension program. It is
up to you whether you wish to be interviewed. A copy of our Human Subject Protection
Statement is on file in the UWEX Provost and Vice Chancellor’s Office at 432 N. Lake
St., WI 53706. Your participation in this interview implies your consent to participate.
Thanks for helping us out. Shall I continue?
Which board(s) or committee(s) did you sit on with youth? Describe your involvement on
the board/committee.
Probe for names of committee, topics, other membership.
Where groups are the best examples
What made this good?
who should we follow up with?
Did any groups not work as well?
Where were there barriers?
who should we follow up with?
Overall, how did having youth on the board make a difference?
How has working with youth impacted your opinion of youth engagement in this
kind of setting?
Did youth make an impact on discussions? Are the adults willing to listen? Are
they willing to be influenced by youth? Give examples. Probe for gathering input
into decisions, bringing attention to issues in the community.
(If time) What role did youth take? How was that different from what the adults did?
Did youth participate in discussions, ask questions…? Give examples of
discussions you were a part of.
Did the youth make motions? Did youth express agreement or disagreement?
(May skip) How were you prepared for having youth on the board?
Was this preparation sufficient?
What more would you have like to know?
How did the board help youth be comfortable, prepared?
(If time) What barriers did you encounter in having youth on the board?
(If time) Would you recommend including youth in boards or committees to an elected
official in another community?
Do you have any suggestions for improving the program?
For the adults on the committee?
For future youth members?
For training, recruiting…?