Project 10% Qld Ltd’s Registered Office
Senior Management
approx 23hrs per week
Honorary position
START DATE: 30 April, 2012 (negotiable)
END DATE: 31 October, 2012 (negotiable)
Project 10% Qld Ltd is a not for profit organisation incorporated in 2011 under the Australian
Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) Corporations Act 2001. Project 10% grew out
of concern amongst community members about the continuing rise in imprisonment rates
among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men, women and children.
Project 10%'s overarching aim is to break the cycle of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
imprisonment across Qld.
We are focussed on reducing imprisonment & recidivism rates by engaging with community
leaders and governments to identify community-led solutions, promote successful local
actions and systemic changes to improve community safety and wellbeing.
We are building our human and financial resources capabilities and sharing successes to
develop government, public and community support.
Through consultation with Elders, people working in the justice system, communities and
community services, Project 10% has identified actions in five (5) key areas to address
1. At risk groups, including young people
2. Contact with Police
3. Remand and Sentencing
4. In-Prison programs
5. Post-Release support
Since 2009 Project 10% has been bringing concerns about imprisonment rates and the
solutions suggested by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to the government
Project 10% Qld Ltd/Position Description/ Interim Managing Director
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and policy makers. We ask that any solutions be community-led solutions made in real
partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Solutions should focus on
culture, healing and community leadership, reflecting local needs and voices about what will
Project 10% requires honorary expertise whilst it is building its financial and human
resources, in order to develop the networks and advocacy needed to support Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander people, in their efforts to break the cycle of imprisonment in
Board of Directors
Job Summary
Work closely with the Board to implement their policy.
Lead a team of volunteers to carry out Project 10% objectives.
Work closely with the Fundraising Committee to support short and long-term goals
and to secure ongoing recurrent funding to maintain financial stability of the
Set up the main structure of the company as per the proposals by the Board
Work with both the Office Manager and the Advocacy/Campaign Manager to develop
partnerships and networks and to prepare for transition to full-time paid positions.
Develop a business plan for the operations, campaign and budgeting of the
Work 3 days per week for approximately 6 months
1) Demonstrated experience working with and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander people;
2) A demonstrated knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
community controlled organisations in Queensland especially working within
the area of imprisonment and the judicial system;
3) A demonstrated knowledge and experience of communicating with Aboriginal
and Torres Strait Islander people and knowledge of the issues that they face
within the judicial system in Queensland;
4) The demonstrated ability to quickly grasp the visions and objectives of Project
10% to develop the organisation in line with the Board’s directives;
5) Demonstrated experience in the provision of leadership to a team of
6) The ability to work from home.
Project 10% Qld Ltd/Position Description/ Interim Managing Director
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