At Play: Long Ago and Today Study Guide – Lesson 12

At Play: Long Ago and Today
Study Guide – Lesson 12
Comprehension Skill: Author’s Purpose – The students will be able to
identify the reason an author wrote a story.
Phonics Skill: Long Vowel ‘ey’, ‘y’; Inflections –ed, -es
Fluency: Punctuation
Grammar: Singular Possessive Nouns
Writing Skills: Paragraph that gives Information about a Real Topic
High-Frequency Vocabulary Words:
board –a flat piece of wood or a stiff card
cook – to prepare and heat food for a meal
enjoy – to get pleasure from doing something
expensive – costing a lot of money
favorite – the person or thing you like best
imagine – to picture something in your mind
popular– liked or enjoyed by many people
year – a period of 365 days beginning Jan. 1 and ending Dec. 31
Robust Vocabulary Words:
recently – something that happened a short time ago
housed – if something is placed or lives somewhere
nominate – when you suggest that someone should get an office, job, or
recreation – when you do something fun and relaxing
leisurely – you are doing something and are not in a hurry
ramble – you wander around
archaic – something old and not used anymore
official – a person who makes decisions for the government or a