Winners Never Quit Study Guide – Lesson 6

Winners Never Quit
Study Guide – Lesson 6
Skills at a Glance:
Reading Skill: To use story details and prior knowledge to make
Phonics Skill: Long Vowels ie, igh; Inflections –ed, -ing
Fluency: Intonation
Grammar/Writing Skills: Parts of a Sentence
High-Frequency Vocabulary Words and Sentences:
Ask your child to read each sentence aloud to you.
I kicked the ball straight to Katie.
Let’s cheer for our team.
My younger brother likes to play soccer.
Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.
I am going to learn to ride a bike.
Jordan caught the ball before it went into the net.
Robust Vocabulary Words:
technique – when you practice routines or methods to help you do
specially – if something has been made just for you
struggle – when you try extra hard to do something
traction – what keeps you from sliding when you walk up a hill or across
some ice
agile – you can move quickly and easily
spectator – a person who watches a game or show
competitive – you try hard to win or to be the best
worthwhile – something that you think is important