Dear Parents:

Dear Parents:
Homework is an important aspect of your child’s school experience. Not only
does it establish independent study habits, it reinforces prior learning, and develops a
routine of responsibility. It also provides parents with insight into the topic being taught
as well as a possible need for additional assistance.
In order to have a consistent policy that is manageable and provides both
accountability and responsibility, the following procedure will be implemented by all
three fourth grade teachers this year:
If your child has a missed homework assignment, including tests that
need to be signed and returned:
A “parent signature” stamp will be put on the assignment book
page for the due date.
The missed work must be turned in completed the next day.
Failure to turn in the work will then lead to a loss of recess.
It is essential that your child bring his/her assignment book to all classes.
Likewise, the assignment book is to be taken home nightly. It is also your child’s
responsibility to secure parent signatures and to maintain organization of his/her
materials. We encourage every student to use the morning time to date the assignment
book and be sure that all necessary materials have been removed from backpacks.
The use of assignment books and accordion folders help the students to maintain
organization. The teachers will write all assignments on an assignment board in the
classroom as well. With these tools and parental support your child should develop the
proper work habits for success.
Here are some tips that will make homework time more meaningful:
It is usually best to allow your child to unwind and play right after school.
Your child will then be more willing to sit down and complete homework
Provide a quiet, comfortable place for your child to do his/her work away
from distractions of television and toys.
Show an interest in your child’s work. Talk about the events of the day.
Make it clear to your child that homework is his/her responsibility!
However, be sure that your child also knows that you are there to help if
Ask your child to show you the work when it is completed. Consider yourself
a consultant and not an editor that is evaluating and proofreading the work.
We thank you for your support. Together we can make this year a success for
your child.