English Literature Ms. Peters The Tragedy of Macbeth

English Literature
Ms. Peters
We are about to read Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Macbeth. In this
play, several themes are evinced to the audience, each of which presents
a “problem” or situation for the audience to ponder concerning life’s
broader questions.
Read the following discussion prompts. Do you agree or disagree?
Provide a rationale for your response and share your thoughts with the
class. Please remember to be respectful of others’ opinions!
1. There are truly “good” and “bad” people.
2. Greed can only lead to bad things.
3. The direction of our lives is decided by something or someone
else—not our own actions.
4. You should never compromise your values.
5. People who strive to get ahead often step on other people.
6. Everyone is capable of murder under the right circumstances.
7. If you commit a crime and you don’t get caught, it doesn’t really
matter because your guilt over what you have done will destroy you
in the end.
8. Witches have always existed; they still do today.
9. Someone who attains power through violence is more likely to lose
power through violence.
10. The forces of good and evil are always locked in a struggle and
probably always will be.