Mathematical Toolkit Review

Mathematical Toolkit
Significant Digits
 Nonzero digits are always significant.
 All final zeros to the right of the decimal
point are significant.
 Zeros between two other significant digits
are always significant.
 Zeros used solely for spacing the decimal
point are not significant.
Scientific Notation
 Expressing decimal places as a power of 10
M x 10n
 Where 1 ≤ M < 10
– One digit to the left of the decimal point
 Scientific Notation with Calculators
M En
Math Operations with Sig. Digits
When Adding and Subtracting:
 If the n values are the same, add the M values and
keep the n value the same.
 If the n values are not the same, move the decimal
until they are the same and repeat the above step.
 When the magnitude of one number is quite small
compared to the other, its effect on the larger
number is insignificant. The smaller number can
be treated as zero.
Math Operations with Sig. Digits
When Multiplying:
Multiply the M values.
Add the exponents (n)
When Dividing:
Divide the M values.
Subtract the exponent divisor (bottom) from
the exponent of the dividend (top). (top –