1C News

1C News
Important Dates for September
Sept. 25—No School—Teacher Institute Day
Dear Parents:
Things are really moving here in First Grade! We have started our Spelling
units and the students are doing great. Every Monday your child should be
bringing home a packet with a new list of words to be able to read (See and Say)
and of the pattern that they should be able to spell. Next week we start 2
pattern weeks. The first 2 patterns are –an and –in. The children have also
started their Reading Logs. I am asking that every student reads or is read to
for 60 minutes each week. The children should be bringing home the packet with
the form to record their reading on. Please help me to teach your child about
responsibility by making sure they are reading and that they remember to bring
the packet back every Monday. If your child needs books please let me know and
I will send home a form saying that you would like to borrow books and will be
responsible if something happens to them. Lastly, in the packet is a review math
sheet of concepts we have worked on. Also, the monthly behavior calendars
should stay in your child’s folder so that they may color their day daily.
Here are some concepts we are working on:
 Reading—Discussing the difference between fiction and nonfiction and the different elements of each
 Math –We are working on basic addition and subtraction
 Social Studies—Communities at school and in neighborhoods and
rules and laws
IF you have not signed up for a Parent/Teacher Conference please call the
office (630-393-1787) or email me and I can let you know the available times.
Conferences are on Thursday, October 15th and Tuesday, October 21st. Enjoy the
rest of your week, and if you have any questions or concerns please call, email me
at charles.corbett@cusd200.org or write me a note. Thank you.
Mr. Corbett